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  1. General Discussion
    On my ukc papers the owner gave me says the breed is american pitbull terrier? Should it say american bully?
  2. Pictures
    Getting ready for ADBA Nationals!:pupruns::woof::pup:
  3. Pictures
    I own a white abpt. just wanted to show off My friend's vizsla! Any thoughts?
  4. General Discussion
    I was playing fetch with my 2 dogs today and as usual my dogs had a blast chasing after planks and lemons and balls. But when were done I noticed my husky's nostril was ripped and it looks like teeth marks. Its not serious and doesn't need stitches (thanks goodness), but I was wondering if this...
  5. Pictures
    Meet Tosca, (named after a female body builder) she's an older gal I've been taking out at work. She's been here since the beginning of the month, and didn't have a name so the other trainers and I thought of one for her today. She is awesome, ball obsessed but polite about it (in the sense...
  6. Pictures
    I came across this pic of this game dog and WOW I would like to c any other dogs u guys own that r super conditioned and ripped up like rambo. These r the shoulders of my pup.
  7. Conditioning
    Hi guys, Rambeaux is pretty big. His sire is pretty big and so was his dam, but both are just big dogs and not very athletic looking. What work outs do you guys use to build muscle on a dog thats already big(in mass)?
  8. Pictures
    I see a lot of members interested in working their dogs and making them athletic specimens. I want to start a thread on naturally muscular dogs so members can see that all the bulk and muscle is mostly genetic and some dogs just have a totally different build. I will start with Corner Stone...
  9. Health & Nutrition
    This is my first time on one of these sites so please bear with me.. My 4month old puppy's ears were cropped on Tuesday.. I've used cotton balls to apply peroxide to his ears and occasional neosporin.. But by Wednesday night/Thursday moring he had scratched out some of the stitches on both...
  10. General Discussion
    sometimes i take karma runnin around the nieghborhood and tonight and i noticed blood on the floor when we came back. i tried to look at her pads and i didnt see anything, then i noticed that she wouldnt leave her feet along so i took a closer look... she skinned all her pads and one looks like...
1-10 of 12 Results