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  1. Pictures
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  2. Pictures
    new pic of rocko. Well after a few weeks of light weight pulling and a lot of running he is down 10 pounds and starting to be a little more fit he is 1 year
  3. Adopt a Bulls
    Here's my boy Rocko. He's 11 months and is probably somewhere a little above 70 pounds, he was about 68lbs a month or two ago. Started him on a raw diet up until about 4 months ago, then made the switch to Taste of The Wild. Unfortunately I have to find him a home =( I got him when i moved out...
  4. Pictures
    8 weeks Around 10 weeks 16 weeks Rocko's Dad What do you guys think? I'm hoping he'll be the same size as his dad!
  5. Pictures
    rocko my APBT at 8 weeks. loving the camera We bonded quick Too busy chewing to pay any attention Sleep time
1-5 of 5 Results