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  1. Pictures
    Back when she was 2 months old. Now at 8 months old. Here is my CH Rocky x Ginger daughter for those who have been asking. At 8 months, she is 15" tall, 60lbs and short backed. She's real thick, short and compact and got lots of bone. Her structure is amazing and she is a sweetheart. I...
  2. Pictures
    This is my baby boy with (the one-time talking..."yelling", actually) Ms. Crabtree in his mouth. Now she's long been destroyed. Ms. Crabtree- RIP...
  3. Pictures
    A couple friends looked after my pup for the day last month and took come pics so here are a couple of him :)
  4. Health & Nutrition
    Hey guys my puppy rocky sounds like he has a hard time barking its really low almost like a grunt.. you can barely hear it he sounds like he has breathing problems but when i took him to the vet for his shots an stuff i told the lady an she checked his lungs an said his breathing is ok.. So i...
  5. Pictures
    Masterpiece Bullies "Spike Lee" ____________________ Masterpiece Bullies "KayCee" SO... WHAT YOU GUYS THINK OF EM?
  6. Pictures
    Got him a new toy made a lil video. He is growing so fast and turning into a big boy almost 65 pounds now ack!
  7. Pictures
    ** just realized this should go in the picture section, mods can move if you like** pool cleaner came over and he just had to look :p luckily the metal bars give a little so he was able to smush his head back through, priceless picture though!!
  8. Pictures
    Threw a rope up for him. He seems to like it but still likes it better if im pulling on the other end. So i took a quick video about 6 and half months old now :)
  9. Pictures
    Just got a couple new pics of Rocky! He is growing super fast and i got him a new stillwater 2" black nylon collar that im really happy with great quality looks like it will out last him lol. He is around 5 months and 55# in the pics. Very happy with how his ears turned out aswell.
  10. Pictures
    hi im new member here and i suport pitbulls 100 percent im from australia and pitbulls are illegal here and thay shouldnt not be coz thay are one of the best dogs if not the best dog thay just need to be raised right thay should not be banned just beacuse thay are built like the way thay are and...
  11. Pictures
    Hey guys I recently posted a thread looking for pictures to take to the vet with me for my puppy rocky's ear cropping. Just wanted to tell you guys thanks for whoever replied to that thread. Also here is a pic of rocky day after his ear cropping.. let me know what ya think :D Uploaded with...
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    Goin for a drive!
  13. Pictures
    Thought id throw some pics and a couple videos up as he has grown ALOT in the last few weeks and had his ears done. :)
  14. Pictures
    My babies:)
  15. Pictures
    hey guys i hadnt logged on to the site in a while... but here is a few pics of my boy rocky. if you see the pics ive posted a while back u can see how much he has grown. 9 Months:
  16. Pictures
    had him for about 2 months now..he's getting bigger and alot stronger.... tell me wut you guys think!!!!!
  17. Introduction Forum
    Hello all, Im new, from socal. Just looking to expand my knowledge on my pit as he grows and remains healthy :) say hello to Rocky!, he is currently 1.7 years old, blue nose. when he was a pup: about 5 months: random: dont have any 'current' photos, but will take some soon...
  18. Pictures
    Please people if you have negative comments keep them to yourself. I love pits and have owned 1. I support your cause 1000000000% so dont hinder mine. There will be more Some of these are thumbnails so click on them to make them bigger. The very first picture is my absolute fav of Uncle Ruckus.
  19. General Discussion
    Rocky is starting to get an upper respiratory infection. His nose is running, he's breathing hard and he's lethargic. A friend of mine introduced me to some antibiotics for this and I have ordered and rush shipped it here. Poor guy, I feel sorry for him. He's locked up in the kitchen with a...
21-39 of 50 Results