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  1. Pictures
    Just wanted to post a few pics of my boy so here they are.
  2. Pictures
    So last weekend myself and Rogue went on our first hike together completing around 6-7 miles.. Not once did he show signs of wanting to stop as I encouraged him along the way.. He is 6 months now and proving to be a working dog with everything I throw at him! Will definitely be getting another...
  3. Pictures
    Been awhile just wanted to post a few updated pictures of Rogue almost 6 months old now.. Will be starting light weight pull training with him very soon Rogue & Shorty
  4. Pictures
    Rogue 4 months old off Garners Ch Dexter..
  5. Pictures
    Few pics of Pup-pup and my older dog Shorty who is 6 now. Pup pup is 16 weeks old now and weighs 18 lbs
  6. Pictures
    Took his rolls out today ears turned out real nice! He is about 14 weeks now here is a few pictures. Ped for anyone wondering how he is bred. Thanks
  7. Pictures
    Rogue at about 11 weeks 8lbs!
1-7 of 7 Results