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  1. General Discussion
    So I went a bought some freeze dried beef liver and we are at my sister in laws house and puppy is farting lmaoo I must confess I gave her 3 in an hour. Hahahaha The question is should I not give her those treats or should I keep on but 2 or 3 a day?? Please excuse grammar posted with iPhone...
  2. General Discussion
    I've been a bit preachy today so I thought I'd relate something I did this morning which could have been a monumental balls up. Roxy woke me up this morning by barking at the front window. My wife was out there with them but she was getting her breakfast together. Like an idiot, I go to the...
  3. Pictures
    and how he woke up today lol
  4. Pictures
    OH and BTW im having problems getting rookies ears to look the same...taping isnt working.....tips would be awesome
  5. Pictures
    ok im kidding haha but he does have his appointment tomorrow at 8:30 am!!! ill take pics when we come back! heres a pic of rookie at about 3 months already(today) just for kicks
  6. Pictures
    Its been about 4 weeks since i got Rookie....hes getting big and really strong
  7. Pictures
    Playing with his brother before he takes off to his new home with my cousin all worn out with brother max
1-8 of 8 Results