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  1. Pictures
    Four years old and still trying to kick that puppy phase. You have been a big handful and tried my patience on a number of occasions. You just found out the hard way that Badger doesn't go for that either.....but I digress. Anyway, I wouldn't trade you for the world.....HAPPY B DAY!!!!!:hug...
  2. Pictures
    Three years old.....and still a troublemaker LOL.
  3. Pictures
    Badger and Rooster: OFRN
  4. General Discussion
    Well yesterday was a really nice day around the house an dI thought to myslef, lets let the youngn's play. SO I let Charlie and Goose tear through the country side. All was going well until Rooster showed up. We have a game rooster that just runs around our house and pastures and well, he...
1-5 of 8 Results