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  1. pitbull behavior
    I have had Molly for just over a year and granted I know she is still a "puppy" I am afraid I am going to have to get rid of her. She chews up everything from the couches and walls to shoes and clothed she does not listen and VERY hyper (nonstop even after a 2.5 mile walk/run) although she is...
  2. Conditioning
    I've been having him jump and catch the rope lately, I'll also be building a flirt pole soon and I'll include some videos/pictures of that. Doing this in prep for the flirt pole, and he's been great with chasing and catching the rope so I think he'll be fine with one. Is this decent...
  3. General Discussion
    I tried searching the forum couldn't find an answer. How do you clean a rope toy your puppy peed on :-( Sent from Petguide.com Free App
  4. Pictures
    Daemon 11 17 2012 004.avi - YouTube
  5. Pictures
    We set up a rope for loki to playon and he seems to like it , kinda started it low to get himinot it and will raise it when he really gets the hang of it , luna likes it atthis height though lol. one of luna :)
  6. Pictures
    Threw a rope up for him. He seems to like it but still likes it better if im pulling on the other end. So i took a quick video about 6 and half months old now :)
  7. Conditioning
    I have tried cowhide and rope. Rambeaux loves the cowhide but only when its off the pole. When I put it back up he is uninterested. Am I doing anything wrong or do I need to find a better bait?:confused: Any tips would be extremely helpful. Thanks gang!
  8. General Discussion
    Hello all, I am looking for a picture I saw on this site a few months ago. I believe it was a fairly "known" dog, rather than a poster's pet. It was mostly brindle and may have had some white on it as well - but its muscles were incredibly well defined. It was jumping towards a rope in...
  9. Conditioning
    well i hooked our little jimmy rigged thing up last night, and didn't really get to see our pit play with it, today we got to see him playin with it, and its really interesting, he is kinda gettin his dance down... his jaw isn't that strong yet but its great to see he has something to strengthen...
  10. General Discussion
    Someone donated a bunch of rope chokes all differant colors. I want to keep a few for future fosters but don't know how they are supposed to fit or what the average neck size is. they are 20", 22", 24", 26". How loose are they supposed to sit on the dogs neck. I tryed one on Layla and it has...
  11. Pictures
    Dixie is a toy driven dog. she will do anything for a rope and a squeeky. Dixie says why is my toy in the tree I don't think so its mine Mine Told you it was mine Rope time crap I missed it almost got it that this time mine daddy
  12. General Discussion
    So I've taken up the hobby of making rope leads but the local stores are limited in color. Anyone know where I can buy differant colored ropes and patterns online by the ft? Most places want to sell it buy the roll. thanks
  13. Do-it-Yourself
    I've learnt how to make rope leads recently and want to make coordinating rope collars. Not sure how to go about it. I'm pretty limited with local hardware stores, Lowes, and Home depot. I've seen the brass, stainless steel rings but I'm assuming I'm going to need some sort of clamp to keep...
  14. Do-it-Yourself
    Most people probably know how to do this but I thought I'd write a quick thread about it. My 4 year old loves to go pick out the rope that we will use to come home and make our own leads. We usually go to Lowes and its pretty limited in color but they do have some nice looking rope from time...
  15. Pictures
  16. Pictures
    Just so ya'll know my girls who have always gotten along had their first spat today. Yolanda hates the rope but for some odd reason decided that dixie shouldn't get to play with it either. I only have 3 good pics of dixie on the rope because the trouble began after that. As the Alpha Bitch of...
  17. General Discussion
    Chester is a royal pain in my butt. He is 5 months old and eats everything in site and I mean everything! I rake my yard all the time and apparently I missed a rope. I woke up yesterday morning and he had a rope hanging out of his butt. I was like oh great another vet bill. I took him out...
  18. General Discussion
    Sorry about the sticker pecking out, he Love's playing with the rope :angeldevi
1-18 of 18 Results