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    Well, for a few days it was very cold out side. So my grandmother had my aunt text the owners of rosie to see if she could let her stay in the house for the cold and not in the dog house. She said yes. Well, Rosie hurt herself at my grandmas My grandma told the lil boy that he could come back...
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    Remember this dog from way back when Well, here she is today. She still is being abused and am not going what she needs. My cousins friend came to my grandmas and rosie jumped and mouthed on her alot. There is not training in this dog She got loose again and went to my grandmas. Well...
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    Rosie is 7 month old! Hey guys i get told she is a half mix pitbull! What do you think she's mix with? Both parents where white and brown spot pitbull! She is the runt of the family!lol
1-3 of 4 Results