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  1. General Discussion
    Hello, I have had my dog now for about 5 years, I got her from a shelter when she was about 1 years old. I was told she was a Shepard mix and was convinced she was. This dog goes everywhere with me including work. This beautiful dog is wonderful around children strangers and is so obedient that...
  2. Pictures
    Here's Bear at a little over a year old, he's around 120 pounds. A VERY big boy, he's built like a brick house and it's mostly in his head! He's finally looking like a Rottie and still has a lot of growing to do. His brain....still has a long way to go....if only that massive head of his held a...
  3. Pictures
    Here's an update on Bear....he's 9 months old and pushing about 110-115 pounds and not done growing O_O!!! He's a big dumb goofy boy, but oh so sweet with his family !!
  4. Obedience Training
    Our pack consists of 11 yr old female rottie, 6 yr old male rottie and a 18 month female pit. The play outside together, wrestle in the house (the pit usually gets it started). Stay home alone during the day loose, no issues. The big issue seems when the pitbull feels "dis-advantaged" for...
  5. Pictures
    **I didn't take the pictures, but I had to share Bear :)** Seriously I know they're BIG dogs, but at barely 5 months old he's pushing almost 55-56 pounds.....and look at those PAWS!!! Bear is going to be a gaint! His dad was like 130 pounds and his mom was about 100, so he'll be pushing 130...
  6. Pictures
    No he's NOT my dog!! He belongs to my boyfriend's dad, they just got him today. And he's quite the chunker too!! He's a pretty chill puppy and is just flat out cute ;)
  7. The Pitbull Lounge
    So, i was on my way home from a friends house last night.. it has been raining for 3 days now.. i see a truck in front of me a lane over swerve.. i figured it was a big puddle because it was right outside my moms neighborhood thats flooded.. turns out it was a big a$$ rottie .. i was in the lane...
  8. General Discussion
    Cant really type a lot right now, because im typing on my phone from the vets office....Long story short, i open my apartment to go get my mail, neighboors rottie darts through my door. Jumps my golden, and before i could get ahold of chino, he jumped in.... Result is a badly injured rottie...
  9. Schutzhund
    Came across this today and thought I would share
  10. General Discussion
    Tyson male( Rottweiler) is 12 months old, had him since he was 6 months. Nina female( APBT ) is 14 weeks old, had her since 8 weeks. I've recently been reading threads on people who have had their dogs fight and now need to crate and rotate. I don't want to be on this forum asking for advice...
1-10 of 10 Results