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  1. Pictures
    This is my first round of Christmas pics. I was at Mom's house and Cheza isn't allowed there. So I have plans to take all three to my friend Rachel's house and snap pics in front of her awesome Christmas tree. Oh, and the little guy is my newest addition. His name is Mini Mac and he's all about...
  2. Pictures
    Wooooowhoooo! This past weekend was the Tri-state show and it was so fun! Got to catch up with all my dog peeps :) Lucius got smoked...there were actually 20 dogs in his class and a lot of tough competitors. Pyra's class was 9 dogs (which is the normal size) and she got 1st and went on to take a...
  3. Health & Nutrition
    I adopted my dog last month and just last week I noticed a tiny little patch of hair missing. It is about as round a pencil eraser. Then a week later I noticed the same thing on his side. I tend to run to the vet over everything little thing and hope this is something not to worry about.
  4. Health & Nutrition
    So I had taken Buddha to the vet yesterday for his breathing and although everything with that he told me that he would need a check up, deworming and some tests next month when I take him for his shots. This morning I had him outside to use the bathroom and found a long round worm that was...
  5. The Booth
    Bully Debates Round 1: BTK debates Jennifer Nasheed's "Call For Action" Petition The Bully Booth with Bully the Kid and the Lycan King 10/9pm CST and 7pm PST Tonight in the Booth, the Lycan King moderates our first round of Bully Debates. BTK will debate Jennifer Nasheed and her "Call to...
  6. Pictures
    lil man messin with molly:)
  7. Pictures
    Ryker Running his mouth...as usual. Lyric - who's finally decided WP isn't so bad. Luna Blitz Brooklyn Buddy Colby Hoo Knuckles Lady (Gawd, I love this girl!) Pebbles Petey Pow Younger pup learning the ropes and showing phenomenal form.
  8. Pictures
    Little miss Lyric, at 2 years, made her debut onto the track. She's still learning, but shows GREAT potential. Luna, at one month shy of 7 years, pulls like a pro. Digging deep and low. Ryker's still a mouthy boy. He's getting better as he goes, but he's got some big paws to...
  9. Back to the Bullies
    BACK to the BULLIES Hosted by Bully the Kid and Ms Chavez JUDGES ROUND TABLE JUDGE GETS FIRED LIVE! Alright we're playing, but we will have 4 ABKC judges on to discuss what exactly goes down in the show ring! Honorable Judges Ron Ramos, DJ Stewart, Michele Chavez and a surprise judge to be...
  10. General Discussion
    Got Indigo's ABKC papers today... now lets see how long it takes to get Pig and Cree Cree's back... I'm gonna send off for them this week.
  11. Pictures
    She is REALLY hard to photograph right now, lol. She wants to be all up in my business. Hehe She's a total doll and will will just chill with you like a grown dog! She's as we say, mature for her age. Get her wound up though, and watch out! :)
  12. BSL Discussion
    Score after Round One in the Big Apple-- Pit bulls: 1 Peter Vallone: 0 And those happy-go-lucky dogs with the infectious grins never laid a glove on him. Opening a can of whoop-ass on Pete Vallone NYC Councilman Peter Vallone (Democrat-Astoria) must be wondering what the hell happened...
1-12 of 18 Results