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  1. Pictures
    this is what mine do everyday after their breakfast................. DSCF3692.mp4 Video by Dar_Lyn_S | Photobucket hope you can view it, can't remember how to embed it....................
  2. Pictures
    Hey guys, i have been MIA for a while! Rew got so BIG!!! 10 months now. Anyways, we have found out after a bit of...theivary...that Rew loves Cool Ranch doritos. He is doing his entire repetoire of tricks to get the bag. LOL! Hard to resist this face, though.
  3. Pictures
    Some quick pictures of my dogs playing. I dont know why they are blurry.. enjoy!
  4. Schutzhund
    This dobie is a great example of a 100 point schutzhund obed. routine. Awesome Obedience Video by Take The Lead Dog Training - MySpace Video
  5. Off Topic Pitbull Lounge
    For you I mean not your dog. lol. Recently because of the weather up here I haven't been getting many walks in. I can exercise Zenith without working up a sweat and have gotten way out of shape. Didn't help that I just had a baby either. Before I got prego I was 145 or so. After I was about...
  6. Pictures
    She does this everyday. She eats her lunch goes out back for a squat, then comes back in and takes the crazy nap on the couch. She does it the same way everyday. First she jumps up on the couch and climbs up on top of the cushion and winds down. She waits patiently for me to leave her alone...
1-6 of 7 Results