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    Heres some piccys of my Maile girl. I have TONS more coming, but I took them on a film camera so itll be like a week or so until I actually get them! I also included a few I took at the horse shows Ive been for the past month...:) She LOVES her volleyball... Were talking REALLY loves...
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    Happy birthday lady! I hope you have a great day!!!!:woof:
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    i think it looks sweet
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    Roxy, still working on her... Some flirtpole with Ivan Happy Weight Pull training, lost the harness months ago.. just found it this Christmas in a bag in the garage. Been looking for it for ever! -Katie
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    A trip to the river...
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    This is Roxy, she is 2yrs old, about 37pounds. She is bred Sorrells, Old Family Red Nose, and Greyline.
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    Well I have been doing a little digging and retracing, I went back to the guy I got Roxy from, cuz he said that the sire was registered, so I wanted to know what lines it was. When I went over there some other guy was there and said he had the grandsire on the dams side. He told me some lines...