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  1. Pictures
    I figured I would make Ruby her own thread so I don't have to make a new one every time I post updated pictures...Here are some pictures I took the last couple of days, she is 9 weeks old now. I love this dog so much already! She may not be very big, but she is a brave little pup that's for...
  2. Pictures
    Hi! I haven't posted here in forever! Some recent pictures of my Diego mutt, and my new dog Seelye's CH Ruby Rose.
  3. Pit Bulletin Legal News Radio
    Ruby's Tale & Author Patrick Bettendorf 10/15 by Pit Bulletin Legal News | News Podcasts In just a few hours, 8pm ET, we will be LIVE with Pat Bettendorf who is the author of Ruby's Tale and Ruby's Road! The stories follow the adventures of a pit bull who was found as unwanted trash and goes...
  4. Pictures
    I am so lazy about messing with peekshures.......!! I was the photog as well as thrower so sadly, most of these are the same angle. She looks a little fat/flat/out of shape here to me.... Throw it already..!!!!!! Wish this one wasn't so dark - it's a cool angle!
  5. Pictures
    Just a few new pix of the Ruby. I don't dress Ruby up in clothes or bandanas ---- but I do cover her up with her blankie when it gets cool....... :oops: She is such a happy dog!!! this is her usual new- or excited- toy 'dance'. (she likes toys that have something to hold on to) -...
  6. Pictures
  7. Pictures
    Taken yesterday running around. Oh, hai!!
  8. Pictures
    What?!! Shakeee itttttttt!! I don't know why I'm throwing like a girl in this vid - I do not throw like a girl!!!!
  9. Pictures
    Just some calm shots of her that I thought were kind of nice... thought it was neat to see her chest thru her legs
  10. Pictures
    Finally learning how to get better shots... :)
  11. Pictures
    I hate messing with pix and am grossly overdue in sharing some Ruby-fun. These were taken yesterday with a 'new' solo photographer technique I came up with and, for my (lack of) skills, I am pretty happy with how they turned out.
  12. Pictures
    Onyx has been mean mugging some birds in the trees while ruby is having a lazy nap
  13. Pictures
    Ruby is now 6mos and freshly gutted. So now there is no chance for any saphires. She weighs jist over and i recently increased her feed. Ruby had way too much spine showing. With the increase she has gained good lean weight She is a loonatic
  14. Pictures
    Ruby our little game Boston Terrier all 6lb of her
  15. Pictures
    I know i have been lax on posting her. Ruby is tough and durable for a under 6lb dog. Onyx has hardned her up, and just as game. She definately has won Onyx respect and affection. She is still teething so her ears arent fully erect yet. Enjoy my mini red baron
  16. Pictures
1-17 of 34 Results