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    Stolen from another forum, but I thought it was a good read especialy as I have mixed feelings on game tested dogs. Making & Breaking Dogs in the Show Ring Bulldog and terrier crosses, which once had powerful jaws well-placed to do important work (gripping and holding semi-wild bulls and pigs...
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    So check this out ***PITBULL CLUB*** I sent the lady an email that stated this: like your idea however, I think the group should focus on teaching the public that there is only one American Pitbull Terrier and the history of the dog. The media has portrayed any muscular dog with cropped ears...
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    My dog is constantly licking his front limbs, the ankle/pastern part and has a sore now...he also does this to his back legs... I wanted to avoid an E-collar because I thought maybe the weight of the collar on his ears will make them go flat....i dont want to ruin the crop I paid $400 on for...
1-3 of 3 Results