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  1. General Discussion
    Wanting to put my dog on a cable and chain maybe put a axle in the ground on each side and a 20 foot cable does anyone have any pictures or if it's safe to do it ? Pros and cons?
  2. Health & Nutrition
    Id like to see if you all have experience with this brand of food?? If not, this is the ingredient list... Meat and Bone Meal, Whole Ground Corn, Animal Fat (with mixed Tocopherols), Brewers Rice, Rice Bran, Corn Gluten Meal, Wheat Middlings, Dried Plain Beet Pulp, Natural Flavors, Salt...
  3. Events, Results & Photos
    I am not sure if this is the right place to post this. Candice Berner Memorial 5K Run. Candice was a friend of mine. A special education teacher on assignement in Alaska. She was attacked by 5 young wolves while jogging. It made National News in 2010 as this was a very, very unusual attack. I...
  4. Pictures
    Everyday we walk the neighborhood & when we get to the front of the street I drop her lease & we race home! I st tell her go or nothing else, she just takes off!!! Her drive is unbelievable & she really wants to win!!! She runs straight in the garage, lol!!! Sent from Petguide.com Free App
  5. General Discussion
    I live in Greenville, SC. About 4 months ago I was at the bus stop and this friendly pitbull named "BO" was out running around. I was a little a little scared at first but I love dogs and don't scare easily. Plus, he came right up and just hugged me and locked in his sweet paws. His owner called...
  6. Pictures
    So as we were going for our morning walk I noticed the park was empty so we walked through and played for a bit :) Run Dosia run lol His ears crack me up He crunched the stick in half so I told him to go find a new stick. Crazy dog found a whole damn pile of sticks and logs lol...
  7. General Discussion
    Just had a 26' x 26' dog run installed today to go along with my fenced in backyard. Just wondering what the best choice for a ground cover.
  8. General Discussion
    Does anyone know where I can buy a nice size dog run for a somewhat decent price? Sent from my iPhone using Petguide.com Free App
  9. Pit Bulletin Legal News Radio
    9/25/12 8PM EST: Call in Number (646) 595-4137 Attorney Fred Kray and his co-host Jo Staats will discuss with attorney and rescuer Dawn Capp, Esq. how mandatory spay and neuter of Pit Bulls is and has been used as a tactic to get around state bans against BSL. The San Francisco experience will...
  10. General Discussion
    So apparently one bite just wasn't enough. After the neighbors dog bit a child in the face you'd think they'd be more reposnsible, sadly this is not the case with them. I was sitting in my room and all of a sudden I hear wild barking and yelling. I look out my window and both the damn dogs were...
  11. Pictures
    So this last week has been really hard for me. I've been really down and depressed with out my Marley. I feel bad I've kinda been letting Dosia just lay around with me and he's kinda gettin fat lol. It was time for us to go out and run so we went out to the river yesterday :) We met a cute...
  12. Pictures
    Was bored so I filmed Lina running around like nuts. Does anyone else's dog(s) do this too? Lina's Happy Fun Run of Death
  13. General Discussion
    The monsters name is Emely Hay. She seems pretty well known among the pitbull community. She makes anti pitbull page after page after page on facebook but from what I can see the only people that are on the pages are my anti-bsl fb friends. Just wondering if any of you guys have came across this...
  14. General Discussion
    It was after all the classes were over this guy and his girlfriend showed up when we were all packing up and waiting for the raffles to start. He sees loki and asks if he can see him but the whole time watching luna { who I had on leash with me} finally he starts talking about his kennel and...
1-14 of 49 Results