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  1. Pictures
    I forgot to share this photo from St Patrick's day. Both of my dogs, Bert and Izzy are so happy to pose for a treat. This photo just makes me smile. 😊
  2. General Discussion
    I live in Saint Louis, Missouri and I am new to pit bull ownership. We adopted a rescue puppy a couple months ago, and are unexpectedly needing to board her for a couple days. I called a local reputable pet sitting and boarding service, but was informed that not only do they not accept pit...
  3. Pictures
    Here is My awesome Charlie. at 5 1/2 months
  4. The Pitbull Lounge
    Just met the sweetest pit mix named Sissy.. she was running down Akers in front of cars out in the heat so i pulled over to say hello..she came right to me greeted me w/ lots of kisses, very loving ..tried the number on the tag and no answer, so i got the address off her tag and took her home...
  5. Pictures
    I am posting this message and pics for Christian as he has his hands rather full right now with the new addition. _______________________________ Saint Francis: GP's own Saint Francis and Badger :) Here are two American BAD A$$E$ and their owner ;):cool:
1-5 of 6 Results