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  1. General Discussion
    I have the following 3 books for sale - $125 including shipping(US) 3 books on the Pit Bull Terrier as listed below - American PitBull by Marc Joseph The Truth About The American Pit Bull Terrier by Richard Stratton The World of Fighting Dogs by Dr. Carl Semencic All good condition...
  2. Products / Services
    does your pup like the open road? then buy them this! i only put 20,700 miles on it. always covered when parked. tons of upgrades. PM me if interested. share the link with your buddies! *thanks mods for the green light. 2006 Jayco Seneca 35GS, Pasadena CA - - RVtrader.com
  3. Products / Services
    I built a very nice 12ft diameter turntable recently. Id like to try to sell it so I can start on a new one! It is very solid, made of high grade angle iron and rolled steel. It doesn't have an ounce of rust on it and is painted with outdoor rust prohibitor. It will last forever!! I can...
  4. Adopt a Bulls
    Unfortunately we can't keep out two pits Rocko and Hemi. Rocko has papers and Hemi doesn't not looking for a sale just a good home. We are in the Bay Area Northern California. Please call us if interested we will throw in beds for them and kennel leash and collars (321) 947-8232 we will send...
  5. General Discussion
    hello guys, do you guys know about any current litters available and do you guys know about overseas shipping? i want to get a new pup but not sure where to get it neither from whom, i would deff want some advice
  6. Authorized Breeders
    CC's Dirty Bomb aka "Bosco" ONLINE PEDIGREES :: [429283] :: CC'S DIRTY BOMB <<<<PEDIGREE LINK{{{{ 47lbs The only DOUBLE bred son off of CCs Bomber representing Bucky Shred and through Old School Boudreaux stuff; Primarily Jeep & Nigerino this GUY and will throw intelligence, and game...
1-6 of 68 Results