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  1. Pictures
    Had all weekend but both of them are difficult to get pics of because the only time they're still is when they're asleep or going to sleep. Anyway this is what I was able to get that isn't too blurry to see.
  2. General Discussion
    So they both needed their rabies booster and registration with the county... I wanted a good check up too so they went in and it was a laugh a minute... First Sarge doesnt like the stand they are weighed on... hehehe you have to trick him to get him on it... he weighed in at 70.9 lbs and...
  3. General Discussion
    So we officially kicked off talking to kids in schools about APBTs, animal abuse and how to handle stray dogs. I took Sarge to the local elementary school to talk to about 200 kids. At first he was nervous because there were soooo many kids and they were all loud and talking. Sarge walked in...
  4. Pictures
    Ok so my hubby was playing with sarge and next thing you know sarge is in his lap!!! Trader dog!!!! Lmao Sorry for the quality iPhone pics suck!!
  5. Pictures
    LOL here are the pups cali has in his profile and some of the litter mates, we had 2 of them here for a week or so long story lol. they were fun to have around but im deff over my puppy thing right now lol enjoying the house trained dogs more :)
  6. General Discussion
    Very traumatic.... We took Sarge and Nikita to the lake for a run this morning and we always go to this quiet cove so we can let them off leash. This is the only time they ever get off leash and we throw sticks in the water for them to swim for... Well my husband throws a stick for Nikita and...
  7. General Discussion
    Now I know you guys havent heard the name Penelope from me yet... But it is only cause she is one of our three rabbits (the other two are Crash and Elle)... That being said, the bunnies stay in our garage. Penelope and Elle are low in a wooden hutch and Crash is on top in a metal hutch. When...
  8. Bloodline Discussion
    Hey I have a pitbull pup he's 17 weeks old and he has 3 different bloodlines in him. chinaman,budweiser crusher, and redboy. Just wondering if thats a good combination of lines and if theres anything as far as health problems i should look for. The mother is budweiser crusher and the father...
  9. Pictures
    Patiently waiting to go swimming. Sarge loves to swim. Here's a funny on of my nephew!
  10. General Discussion
    We just finished running sarge on our bikes. We turned a corner to find a woman walking a little turd dog with a leash. Behind her 50ft was a cat. After we passed the woman with her dog the cat flew in the air and landed on sarges back and started dropping hooks. Sarge rolled over on his back to...
1-10 of 11 Results