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  1. General Discussion
    Sarah and i couldnt wait one more weekend. so we talked to Krystal and we got to go up there on such short notice. We took $200 out of our rent money for the gas up there, we have/had no other choice. Sarah could go into labor any day, and it needed to happen as soon as possible. We stayed at...
  2. General Discussion
    OK guys, it's been heavy on my heart and i dont want anyone to judge me. I am trying to re-home sativa. and its killing me that i need to re-home her, and i dont want the BS judgmental crap on here. it kills me to go on here anymore. I havent had any luck finding her a home near by, and i dont...
  3. Health & Nutrition
    Pretty sure anyway. she's been acting real honery, very clingy and very annoying the last week or so. she's been licking her junk a lot and nismo is ALL over her so they havent been together. he just wont leave her a lone. but i havent seen any bleeding and i know dogs can go through a heat...
  4. Pictures
    weird face and a couple vids Heres a couple fish in my tank. jack demsey black belt; he's the type that makes you afraid to clean the tank. and one of my pleko's, he's about 10"
  5. Pictures
    here's some over the coarse of the last week. sativa is getting pretty big. tho i am having trouble getting her to eat. she has an appt. on monday with the vet. she's 12 wks yesterday. she's getting a lot of color he's a happy boy going for a walk idk whats up with her wide stance here...
  6. Pictures
    here are some i've takin the last week Pretty Girl Sativa and Odis will play for HOURS! She'll hang on to that rope no matter what. Nismo flings her all over the place NISMO! and PUUUULLLLLL Sarah and Nismo thanks for looking!:woof:
  7. Pictures
    Heres Sativa and Nismo over the last 2 weeks. she's getting so big its crazy. she'll be 9 weeks tomorrow. nismo is starting to put her in her place more which is good. i got lucky with Nismo. i know... shes a natural beauty. She is the art of pitbull sleeping ;) what does everyone think...
  8. Pictures
    Well i know it took me long enough to finally get hooked up with the net. I see there are many new members. funny how you miss a couple months and you dont recognize most the people posting. lol. but i look forward to getting to know everyone and there dogs. as far as at home we're enjoying our...
1-8 of 9 Results