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    Hello! We are taking our dogs to a socialization and obedience class every Saturday and last Saturday the class was at the dunes. The desert is 20 min away from the city so it was not a big trip. It was really fun seeing all the dogs running on the sand and playing and of course after we return...
  2. Pictures
    Phoebe is doing real good. She is a great pup. I weighed her today and she is weighing 35 lbs. I have been socializing her with other dogs we have two other dogs at home. She has been playing with all the neighbors dogs and has started puppy class just so that I can keep her social.
  3. Events, Results & Photos
    The new Alabama Club is having its first fun show this weekend... If you are in the area please come check us out and show your support. Sept 8, 2012 Sharon Johnston Park 783 Coleman Rd New Market, AL 35761 Large Pavilion at the rear of the park Fun Classes as well as conformation and all...
  4. Pictures
    We actually got to work dogs this weekend .. i was hot but not 105° like it was last week .. Here is cali in the water Here is Tau Here is Cash Teardrop Tater Tonka Thanks for looking :D
  5. Pictures
    Went to the W.C.A.P.B.T.C fun show , had a great day weather was nice and got to meet some cool people and beautiful dogs. loki walking in the ring crush and his new friend, she does therapy work. Visits people in the hospitals.
  6. Pictures
    I can't believe my baby girl will be 6 months already! She has grown into such a good dog. My favorite dog ever to take on walk. she just hangs out right at my heel, doesn't bark at other dogs, doesn't bark at people, doesn't pull on the leash, a perfect little angel! :) anyway, here she is...
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    lol. i'm not usually a morning person but since i'm still @ work finishin up my night shift and the amazing sunlight is pouring in the window i'm in a cheery mood :) anyhow- was wondering since it is a long weekend, with memorial day being monday- anyone have any fun plans??? make me jealous, i...
  8. Pictures
    Here are a few pics from the show saturday... i run off and forgot the camera at home so i didnt get any of the pulling :( Cali pulled 1220lbs and got a 3rd place... Teardrop pulled 2020lbs and got 1st place, MWP, and body pound :) This is where Tonka stayed during almost the whole show :D...
  9. PitbullPositive
    A message to all members of Pit Bull Positive Since my return to work I have been working lots of hours and have not had much time to do the show or spend here on the site. Some things have been bothering me lately and I will be doing a special Saturday Night episode and will be...
  10. The Pitbull Lounge
    I am going to this show and I am taking my nephew lol
  11. General Discussion
    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I have to say that was one of the more memorable shows for me. It was great to see everyone again and get to do some pulling like I love. Great competition as well and a good number of dogs, over 45 dogs in the...
  12. The Pitbull Lounge
    Anyone else home on a Saturday night? Come in chat!!!!!! Link in my siggy... and the saying is oh so true... haha
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    Hello Gp members, Your chance to win a Stillwater Leather Harness & Lead is coming near. It only takes a small $5 dollar donation to PBP to have your email address entered in this drawing which will be held live tomorrow Saturday May 29th 2010 on the Ustream/PitbullPositive show at 8pm...
  15. The Pitbull Lounge
    Spent my Saturday at bowman gray stadium watching the race, It was the first race of the year. Got to see some good racing, a good fist fight it was awesome loved it. Here is a video to give you an idea Ya'll got to see this video
  16. Pictures
    Shooting the Leaping Lizard Downhill race in Laguna Canyon. It was beautiful day nice breeze and about 75 degrees outside. I hiked up the trail from the bottom of the canyon with Ivy, 40lbs of camera gear and a 12 pack of PBR! I'm still sore today! Ivy about to let Brent have it if he spills...
  17. The Pitbull Lounge
    Hey it's dark and lonely in chat... someone come in and say hello!!
  18. Events, Results & Photos
    All dogs judged by ADBA Standards. Hope to see you there!!!
  19. General Discussion
    With all the chaos in my house over the last couple of months I have not done much of anything besides, mope, hang out with the dogs in the house after work and play fetch... My BF offered to babysit my other dogs and sent me off to a ADBA show Saturday. Bodacious took a third place in big and...
  20. Events, Results & Photos
    Anyone going? I might bring pork chop out.. i'd like to see what she can do in confirmation... who knows... I might not do well because I don't over feed her... We'll see! it's in norcross ga