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  1. Pictures
    Dogs are doing great! Here is a car full of screaming APBT's lol Varro is doing great and I am working him hard and hopefully we can go for our BH this December. Some great video of his progress Siren is about a week from giving birth to her litter and still is doing great work. We took...
  2. Schutzhund
    NO HUGE CHANGES BUT THER ARE CHANGES IN THE GUIDELINES FOR JUDGING. Subject: Additional Information regarding the new rules I have had some discussion with members of the SV/WUSV and her are some of the high lights of the new rules. Much more discussion will take place at the college. But as...
  3. Schutzhund
    how to get my dog intrested in the sleeve(just arrived today) i havent tried it out yet,and how to make him stop biting it when its time to relese
  4. Schutzhund
    Siren's Obed routine, Yeah I know we need to work on our retrieves and she was worse at the trial by not going when I told her and I had to give 2-3 commands. We have had so many problems with them that I have to be happy with what she did, at least she did them! lol She did great in the...
  5. Schutzhund
    Siren goes to compete for her Sch 1 Nov 27th and I am soooo nervous! Being pregnant and then having Justin I have not had much time to work on her tracking but I have been getting out every day to track and she remembers how to do it. I am worried about the articles and if we flunk anything it...
  6. Schutzhund
    I hope to get Siren's Sch I this summer if I keep feeling ok that is the plan. Then in the fall I want to do her Sch II at our club trail and then next year look at traveling more. This is her first time back since she has had the puppies and the first few mins of the video she had left heel on...
  7. Pictures
    Typhoon is finally looking great and the last thing to clear up is her coat. The dull hair she had is starting to drop off and she looks a little patchy but the coat coming in is nice and healthy. For those that don't know Typhoon had a bad co-own experience and I took her back and now 4 months...
  8. Schutzhund
    this is another club members dog named rex. he is also a certified S&R dog. this is a week before they got there sch 1
  9. Pictures
    Alrighty I'm gonna start posting up some pictures of the trip over this week
  10. Pictures
    This was taken this weekend and thank you Shana for taking pictures and video. Siren running the blinds, she is doing good and this was her first time on three blinds Typhoon is doing great! Here is Siren over the Meter jump Trinity loves it more and more! This is after she popped me...
  11. Pictures
    So This was Typhoon's first week with her new owner at Schutzhund training. She is doing really good with Candice and I plan on seeing great things from them. Thanks Stephen for being camera man!! Here is a video from today I am so pleased with Siren she is really getting it. I am pretty sure...
  12. Schutzhund
    So I just talked to my trainer and I am going to go for some titles at the end of the year. I am trying for a BH on Siren on Nov 14th. Then at our club trail on the 28th I am going for her SchH 1. Tempest will be doing her BH on Nov 28th unless I get brave and do the same for Tempest as I plan...
  13. Schutzhund
    I think a good site to find a Sch club is the United Schutzhund Clubs of America. USA - Club List
  14. Schutzhund
    Finding good gear can be hard, i think this would be a great place to post up websites that have good equipment. Maybe you will find a new favorite! Police K9 Equipment - ELITE K-9, CANINE, WORKING DOG, MILITARY, POLICE, EQUIPMENT, OFFICER, TRAINING, PROFESSIONAL, PROTECTION, GUARD DOGS, GERMAN...
  15. Events, Results & Photos
    looking for san diego sch clubs for all breeds, i just want to attend the class to spectate and maybe eval my pup. Thx for all help!
  16. General Discussion
    so i took rex out on the feild for the first time today. I let him wander around on lead and check everything out at first, then he watched a couple of mals do some bite work, he was not scared at all and showed intrest and curosity while watching them. they trainer uses a tool that is a lot...
  17. BSL Discussion
    just got this from my schutzhund club via e mail Dear Mid East Region clubs and members: The animal rights organizations are extremely active; there is not a week that passes without some proposed enactment of BSL/ADL in some town, county or state. The General education Committee (GEC) was...
  18. General Discussion
    just got back from sch training and did bit work for the first time. all in all rico did well. it can only get better. a belgium malnaw (sp?) id d it to but was told after 3 min that his temperment is all messed up and my trainer said he will not train the dog based on his temperment.
  19. General Discussion
    just got back from the schutchund club and checked out there operation, it was pretty cool, i will be taking rico out this sunday to get him evaluated and hope fully start the same day
1-19 of 19 Results