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  1. Schutzhund
    Little Auctus, I didn't get video of Banshee but I will try next week. Auctus at schutzhund - YouTube Venom, not sure if she will do Schutzhund or not but I will keep working her till I make my decision. Venom at schutzhund 9-16-12 - YouTube Baby Rain doing awesome! She is getting the hang...
  2. Pictures
    I'll upload the pics later. Indie's first time @ Schutzhund training - YouTube
  3. Pictures
    some pics taken by Donna Haynes a bit ago .. cant post em directly so here is a link. they came out super nice James - DonnaHaynes' Photos
  4. Schutzhund
    About a month or so ago a gentlemen came in to where I work and he had a shirt on that said schutzund something. I asked him about it and come to find out he does schutzund training, he use to train dogs for police stations and he imports GSD from Germany and sends them around the U.S. Oh he...
  5. Pictures
    DRAT!!! Nevermind on the pics until I figure out just how to work Picasa. Darn it...
  6. Pictures
    He needs cardio. :woof: The video is 5 minutes, but Brock was having loads of fun.
  7. Pictures
    training with Great Lakes Working Dog club . the training coordinator is Mr Ronnie Weiss. He is a awsome guy and everyone in the club is super awsome! We had a blast . Brock tried to pull my arms off lol. He and i are both totally spent a i type this!
  8. Schutzhund
    While I was practicing some obedience, it seems that the military decided it was the opportune moment to drop some bombs. I guess now I know that Apollo isn't going to be gun shy lol And some bitework Thanks for looking!
  9. Schutzhund
    Hey I'm interested in getting ky pup into schutzhund as well as other working sports like weight pulling and had some questions. First how old should a dog be before they start training ? And are there any problems with dogs and human or dog aggression from training ? Basically I want my dog to...
  10. Schutzhund
    I would like to personally congratulate Kristin Q. and her dog Sidney for earning thir first B. It is nice to see someone who recently entered the sport of schutzhund, titling so early. I know she is almost ready for her Schutzhund 1 as well. From what I hear, Kristin is doing well in other...
  11. Schutzhund
    Wayne and Rex earned their SchHB today at Sweetcorn kennels club show under judge Dan Williams. You are awesome.
  12. Pictures
    A couple of pictures from training today...we were primarily working on running blinds. It was a little cold early this morning so we didn't take any obedience pictures... Here I come!! Comin' to get you mister!! Ha! I found you...you better stay put til my mom gets here! What did I tell...
  13. Schutzhund
    This dobie is a great example of a 100 point schutzhund obed. routine. Awesome Obedience Video by Take The Lead Dog Training - MySpace Video
  14. Schutzhund
    What's some good titles that I can read up on that concern mainly with puppy and preparation for getting your dog into Schutzhund. Either books or authors would be great! Additionally, would it be better to have your dog professionally trained then keep them up by working with the dog or...
  15. Pictures
    i love this picture of Typhoon Good Pass auf Her version of revier (bark and hold) she is in prey and likes to lay while barking This one is cute! This is Tempest, I have no clue what she is doing! maybe she was trying to catch a fly that's better
  16. Schutzhund
  17. Schutzhund
    Lets see some dogs in action! Siren at 40lbs nothing! they love to mess with her because she is so small. this picture is of Bernhard Flinks Kevin my trainer kaos my old man, he is 11yrs and had to go back on leash he didn't want to bark and hold on his own! Tempest General on...
  18. Schutzhund
    YAY! been trynna work my pup. been home teaching obedience, so far knows zitz, platz, ouss, hup onto the couch and car, been trynna teach it blipe (still dunno how to saay that LOL) but knows stay. knows come but not hier, i mite have taught my pup packen a lil early to grab his toy but i...
1-19 of 33 Results