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    Pit bulls are known for their tenacity, strong jaws and ability to inflict serious injury - if not death. But the executive director of Topeka's Helping Hands Humane Society thinks pit bulls have been unfairly dogged by a reputation for viciousness. "I have a pit bull, and there's absolutely...
  2. Pictures
    by the lil spitfire :D :D stretching before play winding up ate it again lol after a hard days work being a good sport after his buttkicking. My meeko
  3. General Discussion
    Yep my baby girl had her first scrap with one of my other dogs. Saturday mornning when we got up Vendetta decided she should scrap with Matayha. This was not the dog to pick on. Matayha is the most laid back dogs I have but if someone goes after it is no holds bar. Vendetta got her leg bit...