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  1. Pictures
    This dog ceases to amaze me every oppetunity he gets... Scrappy wants to learn so bad and please he has almost overcome the prey drive for the cats and has learned to behave in the house and around China. Here are a few victory pics I took today. He is so determined when I get on to him he...
  2. Pictures
    well hes still here, nobody has claimed him Ive had several emails about alot of blue pit bulls being stolen but no one claimed him, ill post him again but after that im taking him to the vet and getting his shots and what not.. thought i'd share how he's been doing... crazy dog has so much...
  3. Pictures
    Heres my favorite picture I have of Scrappy. He is my first Pit of a few with many more to come. He is dual registered with the ADBA and the UKC. He is Purple Ribbon Bred. Thanks for lookin'.
1-3 of 4 Results