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  1. Introduction Forum
    Hi~ I am a new member of this forum. I have, however, been surfing it for a few months and have found a lot of useful information here. My husband and I rescued a Mastiff/Bully/Mix pup, who is now four months old. Loki is a great little boy and gets along with our 6 year old, female, Boxer...
  2. Bullies 101
    Would any of you bully owners happen to know who owns this dog now? I already contact the original owner blue rush bullies and sayed he sold the dog to a Guy in Georgia but never kept in contact with the guy BullyPedia|The American Bully Online Pedigree Database
  3. The Pitbull Lounge
    Hello.....anyone know a single man in good shape between the ages 43-56 that is passionate about helping pitbulls? I read a story about a couple that met on a pitbull website, fell in love and now run one of the biggest pitbull rescues in Missouri. I live in Cary NC, im a SWF 42 5'11" athletic...
  4. General Discussion
    hey guys, used to come on here a while ago probs about a year and a half ago. there used to be a woman on here that owned a little puppy called arson (i think) was red/ginger. would love to see it now so if anyone can link me to a picture or even kno if the owner still posts wuld love to see it...
  5. Pictures
    Well to start it off, My friend has been searching for the perfect dog for over a year. She wanted a Pit Bull because that is all she has ever had and wanted it to be past the "cute little puppy" age because she said she wanted to give a dog a home who otherwise may have a hard time. We had...
  6. General Discussion
    Im looking for the ultimate red on the planet can y'all help me in my search please
  7. General Discussion
    Man I have been looking for me a fawn or red female but every one I find and like doesnt have papers.. What is up with that...:hammer:
  8. General Discussion
    Hey i have 2 pits and 1 puggle. Ive hurd that buying meds online cost cheaper and its the same thing. They sure do ask for a lot at Petco for the flea and tick killers. already cashing out on orijen dog food, so like most people im just looking to find where i can get these meds cheaper. Do...
  9. General Discussion
    Hi I am new to the fourm and my famliy and I have just gotten over the death of our beloved american bulldog Bruno. And I would like to know a few tips and places to finding the perfet pitbull!!!!!!!!Dalton
  10. Bloodline Discussion
    How can I go about seeing and or researching some more about my dog..Sire and Dam are both UKC purple ribbon...Can I look at some lineage pic's on that online pedigree site? Sorry if these questions sound dumb, just want to get a look at some dogs...I am also curious how UKC registers my dog as...
  11. General Discussion
    Hi everyone! I am currently looking for a dog and I like to do lots of research before I make a big decision like this and I have a couple of questions about pitbulls for you pitbull enthusiasts. I have been looking at kennels online, I do google searches and I keep finding kennels that just...
  12. BSL Discussion
    City Searching For Unregistered Pit Bulls Pit bulls in Beebe are on their way out. A new pit bull ban is taking effect and owners are given notice that they have seven days to remove their dog or the city pound will be paying them a visit. The enforcement of the ban is a relief to those who've...
  13. General Discussion
    Hi does any of you know a breeder that still have males of this rare bloodline? A friend of mine has beautiful pure Heinzl's female and wishes to buy a male. Hope you can advice thanks in advance ciao :pup:
1-13 of 17 Results