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    since this doesnt have anything to do w/ a pitbull i'll post it here. A death sentence for a man's poodle stirs debate in Hydro | NewsOK.com
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    Crate rest! As some of you may know Helena tore her ACL about a week ago. She has been on crate rest, only out to potty and eat. And a few times I lifted her on the couch to cuddle but kept her on leash so she wouldn't jump off. She is starting to touch the leg to the ground again, no pressure...
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    Cheers to Casa D' Ice in PA I wish they listen to them on his sentence.
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    NORFOLK, Va. (AP) - Eleven dog advocacy groups asked a federal judge to send Michael Vick to prison for nearly five years when the quarterback is sentenced and to turn the property he and others used for dogfighting into a shelter for abused dogs. The group, which includes animal rescue...