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    In Serbia (Europe), we make the initial exhibition pitbull sports: 1. In the spring of 2013th on the hill Stražilovo in Vojvodina: APBT Show Stražilovo Postimage.org / Strazilovo_2 2. The biggest event to date in Belgrade, Košutnjak, 22.09.2013.: gallery: ImageShack Album - 50 images...
  2. Keith "Cane76" Campos
    here is a link to the balkan kennel in serbia,game bred fighting dogs. dog fighting is legal there,anywho just a kennel and some game dogs,the name or dogs from the region came up in a diffrent thred,so i thought id post it up. If you arent gonna appreciate these dogs for what they are,dont...
1-2 of 2 Results