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    This is our girl she is 8 months and 51 pounds, She seems to be bulking up a bit the last couple weeks so im assuming she is hitting the filling out stage.
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    Hello everyone, I do not have a pitbull I have a staffy but this seems to be a very nice forums and I decided to join, here's some pictures of my boy.
  3. Pictures
    Not yours...I meant your dog's ;) OK, so call me weird, but I am slightly obsessed with Gracie's legs and thighs when viewed from the rear. I have never had a dog with such meaty yet muscular legs before. I call her Hot Legs Houlihan (kind of a M*A*S*H reference for those of you over 35). I'm...
  4. Pictures
    And he knows it!! Check out his butt muscles! (Leave me alone, I'm still kinda shocked a Beagle can look this sexy! )
  5. Pictures
    Getting ready for the ADBA TX show, Barca is looking mighty sexy!
  6. Pictures
    took the dogs out to play some fetch since I haven't spent much time playing with them much lately. sorry for the poopy phone photos Tellin' it like it REALLY is
  7. Pictures
    A Patch O' Posing From Patcheeno yesterday... Enjoy!!! Look out here comes a cuteness overload!!!!! My stoic little man, looking handsome in a Collar mania collar. Did someone say ball??? Hey you aren't looking up my nose are you???
  8. Pictures
    She's out of heat and lookin' sexier then ever!...ok well I might be a little partial, but her muscle tone and definition excites me just a bit...:woof:
  9. Pictures
    Combat finally got a REAL harness. And after trying to eat it for about five minutes he settled into it and walked around without a problem. But HOT DAMN he looks sexy in this thing! My almost all growd up sexy SEXY boy. (Steph and Jeff I so love you guys for him) (there was s smudge on the...
  10. Pictures
    FASHION SHOW lol... Big Ups to Christy At Stock Yard Kennels. She Made some absolutely GORGEOUS equipment for my boy Grizz. Id like to show that off. Thanks Christy! Also a good buddy bought Grizz his own backpack so i decided to throw that snap shot in there. GRIZZ on the prowl LOL FULL...
  11. Pictures
    I think they drank from The Fountain Of Youth Apache @ 10 years old Patcheeno @ 9 years old Starlit @ 7 years old Steel @ 7 years old What do you mean stand stilll... I want to play!!!!
  12. Pictures
    Happy 9th Birthday to my forever puppy Patcheeno. Mommy I'm too Sexy For these Shades. Must I endure this humiliation on my birthday???? Next year I hope I get a better present than these glasses! Why do you keep putting me in Pink? Mom, you promised me a COLLARMANIA COLLAR and all I got...
1-14 of 17 Results