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    I snapped this pic earlier with my cellphone. Sorry that it's dark, but she looks cute so I figured I'd share! haha
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    I still can't figure out what color Dosia is. He's truly the most unique dog I've come across. His dad was blue and his mom was black. There was one other pup in the litter that was colored like him. A couple turned a beautiful chocolate, blue and black. Some times he looks blue some times he...
  3. Pictures
    here he is again at just over 11 weeks
  4. Pictures
    shades at 10 weeks well one day shy anyways
  5. General Discussion
    well i took him to the vet yesterday and at 9 weeks 1 day he was at 12.5lbs. and in good health. they all loved him i didnt think they were gonna let me leave with him. they said his coloring was beautiful (brindle with blue tint to him) but i have had him a week and i think that blue tint is...
  6. Pictures
    Happy 9th Birthday to my forever puppy Patcheeno. Mommy I'm too Sexy For these Shades. Must I endure this humiliation on my birthday???? Next year I hope I get a better present than these glasses! Why do you keep putting me in Pink? Mom, you promised me a COLLARMANIA COLLAR and all I got...
1-6 of 8 Results