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    Hi! I have a shelter puppy that is Wisdom Panel confirmed to be 65% AmStaff and she looks it too. I don't think Wisdom Panel recognizes APBT. Anyways, out of pure curiosity I want to see if I can get a best guess of her adult weight. I know that it is impossible to know for sure, and she is...
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    I haven’t posted anything in years, couldn’t even remember how to upload pics. So here’s a picture of Lincoln, Hazel and Lux! Carley’s Elmer passed in November and left Lincoln as our only dog. I have never had only one at the house and I knew Carley needed to put her loss behind her. She picked...
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    I wanted to post a: "Photo-Dump" as well....OOPS? Ok, Im new here. So, I have no clue what I'm doing, as far as picture posting is concerned. I was able to select 9 photos of: My Furry Lil Meatball, My Pride & Joy, My Main Man, Kane.[emoji240][emoji252][emoji177] Yet, once I hit send, it...
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    Afterall, pitbulls are known goofballs, right? So much drama is made of those “vicious killers” but very little is said about their fun side, their sense of humor, their hilarious habits. When Patchouli gets a fresh marrow bone, the world ceases to exist as far as he’s concerned. Sometimes...
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    My husband took these photo's last night. I was upstairs with the big girl getting ready for work (we have a gate at the bottom of the steps so they couldn't come up). They were sitting at the bottom of the steps likes this while I was up there. Love my little ducklings!
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    Can anyone give me feedback on weather on not beef liver is a good healthy treat for a dog please?!
  7. Pictures
    Just wanted to share some pics of my new baby and the last pic is of his mom and dad. His mom is the white pit and his dad is the black I'm going to try and get better pics of his parents though cause they don't do them any justice. he is just to precious he is constantly with me...
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    Absolute Cuteness. xD You see all these illustrations of when dogs and toddlers take over the adults (humans) beds. They need one for when a toddler and dog shares a bed.
  9. Pit Bull Legal News
    Another dog on DR. http://www.myfoxphoenix.com/story/24865121/2014/03/02/protestors-rally-to-save-pit-bull-who-bit-child-judge-to-make-decision-on-dogs-fate
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    The house behind me has been empty for 4 years after a foreclosure The bank put it up for sale last week and there was a couple looking at it tonight while I was in the backyard with Shox. The house is up on a hill behind me so my whole backyard is visible from that backyard. The couple was...
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    I have a 90-100 lb red mutt that lives outside. He busted not 1, not 2, but 3 clips on his tie out since this afternoon. It's dark and I don't have any of the parts to fix it right now. What did I do with him? Bring his stinky butt in the house and put him in a crate in the kitchen. THAT is...
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    This is my baby boy Smoke and my daughter Charlie as you can tell I love my nanny dog Next is Smoke busted having fun with toliet paper and Princess pretending she wasnt involved Then my favorite showing Smokey bear being a true male :)...
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    More like a few proud moments. There have been three occurances of this happening lately, but it seems as though Mr. 2 is talented at finding ways out of the fencing. Normally, you'd think this is a bad thing. A dark faced, ear cropped, "pit bull monster" roaming the streets of a neighborhood...
  16. Health & Nutrition
    When I first rescued my blue girl (at 6 months) she had the runs, had patches of fur increasingly missing, and was shedding like crazy. I did a lot of research on this forum and picked a little from a few different sources to try. 1. Put her on TOTW - Salmon food (Salmon for the additional...
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    i'm so proud of my boy! i took Odin to Barktober fest today and even though it was his first event like that he did wonderful! the only 2 points of excitement was when a lil weiner dog growled at him and Odin backed up all scared with a "do not want" look on his face and a large bull mastiff...
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    Now this is my mothers dog and yes it is a breed that most of us dont like....i definately dont but i love this dog. Her name is Precious and yes shes a chihuahua. She came from a friend of my mothers who rescued her from a hoarders room where she was locked in one room with 200 dogs...ranging...
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    He's so silly lol