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    I thought I owned a bully, not a great white shark. Lol.
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    Not sure what to make of this video, really. I have no idea of any context to this, I just heard about it on the radio and don't know any details surrounding it. The dog looks like it might be an APBT or a mix... I will add that it is illegal to kill dugongs so I don't know why there is one...
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    Just kidding! Took Enzo swimming at my parents place today. Pics didnt come out that great but oh well! Enjoy!
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    I saw this on cable several years ago. There's an island in the south pacific that was used as a study island during WW11 anyways dogs where left there on this island to fend for themselve's, there still there! eating baby sharks and fish that live in the shallow lagoon, I forgot the name of the...
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    Some new pics of Grizz the great white land shark. Showin off his thick legs and his little blue streak lol. He looks like a chubby great white with his white belly and dark gray back...prowling the backyard for unsuspecting toys.
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    now this is a nice catch.