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  1. General Discussion
    Fell in love with her when I saw her, got her from a sketchy person off craigslist, had no pictures of parents or anything. The only thing they told me was that she was a Pit bull. I'm thinking she's mixed with something for sure. http://imageshack.com/a/img907/4109/oEI7Aj.jpg...
  2. Health & Nutrition
    So I am not able to take her to the vet it cost way to much to take her to her dr. 2000$ up front. She wont eat or drink anything and in 3 days she got really skinny. shes not vomiting or has no diarrhea. I do give them steak once or twice a week and yesterday my male dog started eating his dog...
  3. Pictures
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  4. General Discussion
    What would be some tell signs of my pit being bred? My baby girl was in heat thru last month but my male got to her on to different occasions and I think she took. I've raised dogs since I was a kid but I've never did any breeding.
  5. General Discussion
    Hello everybody. Im new to this forum, but not new to pit bulls and not new to pit bull forums! Im trying to find a new place to fit in and get more opinions! Id like to introduce you to my pit bull mix Samantha. A LOT of people think shes a Bull Terrier, and it wouldnt surprise me if she is...
  6. The Family Room
    this is my oldest baby Sharina... i just had her pics made and i thought id share them with yall.... i cant believe how big she is!! :D thanks for looking!
  7. General Discussion
    So as some of you remember, we had to keep moving my girl from my parents house to my mans sisters house...both wouldnt allow her for long. Well a friend of mine sent me money as a gift to help me out and i decided that until we get our new house (should be soon, waiting for the occupants to...
  8. Pictures
    Got her about a month ago and she was a chubby puppy. boy how they grow.
  9. Pictures
    i wanna kno ur opinion cause i got a few comments from ppl who dont kno spit about dogs. tell me if u thinks shes fullblood or what u think she might be mixed with. i know the mother is pure i saw her and she was very beautiful but never seen the dad. let me kno ur comments pls n thank you. ps...
  10. Pictures
    Trying to take a nap here mom........... Ahh here comes the sandman I can't sleep with that flashy thingy mom.... "rawr" Oh no... goofy human on the loose now your making us both look silly..... I'm sorry mom give me a kiss what? dog breath offends you? oh lord here she goes...
  11. Off Topic Pitbull Lounge
    Ok well where to start... Got home from the hospital today :) I am in some serious pain, but Sherlene is doing great! :) It was a good thing she came c-section. The evening before she had gotten her umbilical wrap badly around her neck and had I done a natural birth it would have most likely...
  12. Pictures
    on a side note, shes now 9.8lbs and her brother stopped over for a visit ( my bud is foster him ) and he's a good bit bigger and 13lbs! he not chubby or anything,just alot bigger than i would think. i wish my camera wasnt dead then, he'll be over again soon though. nemo is still hovering a tad...
  13. General Discussion
    just a normal thursday at work when a cowoker also a ABPT owner comes up to me seeing my backgroung on my comp (i love my pitbull) and asks me if i want another dog... i never thought she would be talking about her own. she said her 9month old pitbull always wants her attention and shes to nice...
  14. General Discussion
    just some new pics i took before it started to rain
1-15 of 18 Results