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  1. Pitbull Articles
    29-08-2014 Agent schiet hond neer in Amsterdam ? Metro picture off the bullit wound hond neergeschoten politie - Lees Het Nu
  2. Pictures
    I shot these yesterday before training. It was our 2nd Annual Working Pit Bull Central Christmas Photo Shoot! You can see more phtots here. WPBC Christmas Shoot. Fur Mommy approved ear crop!!!! We let a couple of Pointy Face Dog in on the fun.
  3. Pictures
    we got more snow today so i took cali out for a photo shoot LOL. Ok so i kicked her out for a snow shoot :rofl: can you tell she hates me for doing that to her but all is good. she loves her some snow balls catching snow stalking her flirt pole come on mom i want to flirt ok i...
  4. Pictures
    We had a photographer come to town to take pictures of different breeds for Brown Trout Calendars. She took pictures of Border Terriers, Wheaten Terriers, and Labradors. Several of my friends suggest she call me because we had many great looking APBT's. So we went out and took pictures with...
  5. Pictures
    We just found out yesterday that Earl does not like to dressed up as an Easter Flower. The funny thing an hour after this photo was taken he passed his CGC test.
  6. Pictures
    My buddy took these pics for me yesterday enjoy. Fuego Luciano
  7. General Discussion
    Back story 1st. A dear friend of mine and her husband bought a BYB'ers blue dog 4 years ago. At about a year old they started encountering HA issues. First they went to a vet to investigate health causes, dog was very healthy. Got 2 different behaviorists (sp?) and were told that this dog was...
  8. Pictures
    srry fot the size this is my fave
  9. Pictures
    Here is my lil angel, and my lil devil... lol They take turns interchanging the roles! Any tips on keeping the dogs eyes from glowing in the pics??? Helena says "geez, how long do I have to sit still for this?" puppy kisses this is my favorite! Thanks for looking!!!! :)
  10. Pitbull Articles
    Doctors pulled a bullet 'sliver of bullet fragment' from the leg of 32-year-old Toby Beute, police say. A woman was injured by a stray bullet fragment on Friday, police said, when officers shot a dog at a Port Orange home. Port Orange police said they went to the Bayridge Lane home to...
  11. General Discussion
    Great video, You need to watch it to the end for the aw moment.
  12. Pictures
    So I thought I'd take some pics of the boys since my mom loves them so much. What do you guys think? Smellin the roses Dosia had to taste it lol Marley Dosia
  13. Pictures
    I decided I needed some new pics of Sadie, and somehow Sherman and the cat go in on the photo shoot as well. Here they are! Sadie soaking up the sun. Can't believe she'll be two in May Man I love this dog! Now for Sherman (Sadie's best friend/my sister's Chi-weenie) Yeah, I know man...
  14. Pictures
    Alright so I got a bit bored today and decided to work on "stacking" the dogs and just random shots. They are such good sports about it, lol. Here is Phoenix, he loves his camo jacket - Sees Iz can posez purdy mom-lady, can I haz da squeakies? pwease?? - Here is Penny Pooh, she LOVES...
  15. Off Topic Pitbull Lounge
    trying to see what you think would be best . right now im shooting a V-max but what would you shoot . heres the list i have to choose from . Additional Info • Buyer's Guide Varmint hunters looking for an expansive and accurate cartridge have a new choice with premium ammunition from CCI...
  16. Positive Pitbull News
    Police fire shots in East Memphis backyard; one dog wounded, another missing Officers will not be relieved of duty, officials said By Jody Callahan Originally published 03:56 p.m., October 22, 2009 Updated 11:36 p.m., October 22, 2009 Two Memphis police officers, responding to a burglary...
  17. Pictures
    Well my baby girl is 11 mos old. I snapped these photos on the 19th. She sits so nice for her pictures I think she likes all the attention hahaha.
  18. Pictures
    I took these on a 35mm camera so I had to develop, THEN scan them...but I thought Id share. :) Cheeseeeee. My baby. Got the boogie, no big deal... Maile and her sisters...(dont mind them, they werent into pictures that day. LOL) How can you say no to that face?? Laynee, my Chihuahua...
  19. Off Topic Pitbull Lounge
    > > Sharpshooter amazes friends with skills > >
1-19 of 38 Results