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  1. Ear crops
    He will be Showing. I will post updated pic once he comes home next week but here he is at 4 weeks. I'm so lost on what crop. Our show girl had already had her ears cropped short. Love to see some ideas. And thoughts. Thanks
  2. General Discussion
    Why is the short style pit so hard to find?
  3. Pictures
    Playing Tug with my boy the other night. I've been slowing introducing the idea of lifting the front of him off of the ground better never pulled him completely. He seem to get more engaged the more I pulled him up so I figured i'd give it a spin (no pun intended). He's 9 months old on the 19th.
  4. Pictures
    lol this boy is such a goof at times...watch how he shakes the ball...he does it all the time...this video is a bit old...i will post a newer one soon...
  5. The Pitbull Lounge
    Working Stockdog • View topic - PERHAPS THE FUTURE- A fantasy
  6. BSL Discussion
    Aberdeen pit bull ban comes up short 4-4 tie vote not enough to add amendment to proposed dog ordinance BY JEFF BAHR [email protected] 12:00 a.m. CDT, March 15, 2011 An amendment put forward to ban pit bulls in Aberdeen generated a 4-4 vote at Monday's Aberdeen City Council meeting. The...
  7. General Discussion
    so i had my dogs ears cropped today by a vet but i didnt have a chance to go so my uncle took her and my uncle has got his dogs ears cropped with that vet before and the came out very nice but he said i dont need to tape them they should go up after a month as long as i massage the ears daily...
  8. Pictures
    for your enjoyment
  9. Pictures
    Wonderful Pit Bull video of short duration titled INNOCENTS: INOCENTES Beatiful video with so much emotions. I recommend you it. When I saw it, was so much hard and strong emotion coming to me, wonderful. We can spread and pass it on to all our friends and contacts, is great for the breed...
  10. Pictures
    Duo waits for Mika, who is plotting an ambush under the trailer... "Where is she?" Duo asks just prior to the ambush.. Duo: "I'm gonna get you!" Mika: "On a cold day in Hell!" Duo: "I got you!" Mika: "Bring it! I kick yer butt!" Sexy Momma @ 5 Months "Can we go inside now? The cold is...
  11. Pictures
    Hey, i decided to throw some pictures up from the day i got him to now, hes 75 pounds and 12.5 months at the moment... what do you think? any comments or recommendations are welcomed :) starting to feed him raw and want some exercising tips ... also about how much bigger will he grow to? thanks...
  12. Pictures
    (lol i sing that to him all the time) he fell lol
  13. Pictures
    heres a few short vids of Dosia. He breaks it in the second one. Sorry their so fuzzy it's on a cell phone. Here we are working on drop command. The second time I said it the fire hose came down too.lol
  14. Pictures
  15. Conditioning
    It was 8 degrees outside and I was bored, so I decided to put my little pup on the mill. It was his first time, and my mill does not turn real easy, but he did good.
  16. General Discussion
    i've been reading that the average pit bull lives from 10-12 years and i was wondering what is it exactly that keeps them from living as long as other dogs? I've met and had friends that have had dogs that lived 15+ years (the oldest making it to 19) and i was wondering why pitbulls seem to go...
  17. General Discussion
    what the hell!? i just wrote a post and that is what it said but my post was like 4 paragraphs long! and no matter what i could not post it. so all that friggen typing for nothing when i could be getting ready to leave by now!(ok the last part was my own personal addiction issue with this...
  18. Weight Pulling
    is a short legged dog at an advantage or disadvantage?
  19. Health & Nutrition
    We have a 6 mo old puppy and have been taking her on two walks a day for about 30 min each. A good part of the walk is on concrete sidewalks. We do run a little in the local park and walk on some dirt trails - this is limited during this time of year due to rattlesnakes. Josey's nails are...
  20. Health & Nutrition
    My dog is supposed to be black, but there seems to be some patches of brownish colors, i dont really have a problem with it but my gf seems to think it should all be black. is it healthy to dye there coat? we are looking into different brands but im unsure if this is even safe? please help