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  1. Health & Nutrition
    A few of my friends and I was in the park and talking about or dogs. One guy ask us is it too late to get his dog vac shots? One of the guys said no and then another said the dog mite get sick. My question was why u waited so long his dog is 3 years old. I told him to get them soon as possible...
  2. Pictures
    There's approximately 68 pictures here, so that's your warning. :p if you stay tuned there are some "getting air" pictures It was a lovely day so I took some pictures while exercising the dogs today. The local vet was doing $20 dental exams so I brought Al over just to see what they said. Her...
  3. Health & Nutrition
    My pup got her first 5 in 1 on December 3rd and about to get her second set in a little. She weighs around 20 lbs My question is, is it safe to give her, the 5 in 1 AND a rabies today at same time? someone said otherwise so I'm just checking. Thank you:)
  4. Pictures
    a little flirt pole :) fetch and catch :) time for a nap Thanks for looking
  5. General Discussion
    While getting a new pup how many of you go to the vets office to get them all their rounds of shots versus going to the feed store or buying through the mail and doing yourself at home?Are the ones you do yourself just as good as the ones done in the vets office? And yes I know that some of the...
  6. Pictures
    So it will always be a fairly rare ordeal for me to post pictures on here, for many reasons however i thought i'd share just a few i took today while we were out. Nothing spectacular just a few quick shots and off, rarely take the camera when we have the dogs out and since i do this few and far...
  7. Pictures
    Just thought I'd share :) She's over her 10 day bed rest so we can have fun now. (She's been over it for a bit, just haven't taken pictures) Let's see if we can get that booty into even better shape. Although we cannot do weight pulling of any sort with her, the shelter is against it. Also her...
  8. Health & Nutrition
    how many of you guys give your dogs there shots yourself
  9. Pictures
    Ellie and Kane share Ellie's puppy nylabone ... Kane relaxes after playing some fetch in the field out back (this was the day before he almost died of heat stroke) ... Ellie kept pestering Kane to play when he was tired, so into the crate she went. Half an hour later, I peeked in and saw...
  10. Pictures
    And Kane man in the truck goin home..
  11. Pictures
    My grandmother was nice enough to play with him so I could get some pictures I love this one. Look closely, you can see the drool flying. He's getting his figure back :tongue: He looks awfully Laby in this one. Man cropping a lot of those...
  12. Pictures
    I like taking action shots(please note I am no photographer lol) Here are some I took of Beia the other day. I want to see other people's shots too! Here's some I took as she was trying to take me down off a swing. LOL She gave up lol I got this one as she was running and shaking...
  13. Pictures
    I love getting action shots of my girl. Shes really starting to get a nice build.
  14. Pictures
    I thought I'd share some pictures I have taken, I loooove action shots, they are definitely my favorite. Here are a few of my boy Dakota. In no specific order. That is my grandmother in the flirt pole pictures. I swear, he wasn't being choked. lol
  15. Health & Nutrition
    Deja is 4 months she has had 1st two shots along with the parvo that the breeder provided me with. just wanted to know how many more shots i know about the rabbies but other shots and when should she get these shots any info would help thanks gp. i love dis site
  16. Pictures
    I was bored. Nice to meet you. Short bus Bruno's smile Beia Sitting behind me as I post this(lol) The chair is not big enough for the both of us.
  17. Health & Nutrition
    how many shots should a 4 month old puppie should have. The breeder i got her from said that he gave her her 1st shot. Then i gave her a 2nd shot from the tractor supply store. Then her 3rd shot i got from petco. she she get on more or what
  18. Pictures
    Hey all, just making the best of a cold day!!! I just got back from an agility show and wanted to come home and play with my girl. :) I love this one it shows off her beautiful brown eyes! RAAAWWWRRRR sorry for the bluuurrr lol how she would look with full prick ears she...
  19. Pictures
    Finally pulled out my camera and took a few shots of my new girl. My sister got the dog from a family who said she was only pit. I think she is mixed somewhere along the lines. I am by no means a dog expert. Any thoughts about what else she might have in her?
  20. Pictures
    Bear with me. All of these pics were taken with my phone. :/ This one is through the window. Every time I would open the door to try to get a shot, they would jump up to come inside lol. Then of course, Magnum being his normal "What's going on?!" self while Jester just pretends to be asleep...