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  1. Health & Nutrition
    hey guys i kinda lost faith in my breeder when she let me have boo at 5 weeks, so i come to all of u with this question :) boo has had her first 7in1 shot at 5 weeks old by the breeder and has had dewormer. the breeder says that she can come back to her at 6, 12 and 18 weeks for her second and...
  2. The Pitbull Lounge
    Went out with a friend last Friday night to get some practice with night photography. Didnt get too many shots since I was trying to model lol. But here are the two that I thought came out really good! Downtown Tampa Skyline Control tower at Tampa International Airport Thanks for looking!
  3. Pictures
    Gotta love how a dog bends when they jump lol Let me remove my lip from my tooth and I will kill that toy! Just give me a sec Mom
  4. General Discussion
    Its more pocket friendly to do it ourselves. What should we know about doing this? A breeder of Rottis across the street said that you have to aabsolutely be sure of weight which is a given obviously...but what else?? :hammer:
  5. Pictures
    Warm weather lent to some fun in the sun..
  6. Health & Nutrition
    Taking Sasha out to a new local vet, Google maps says it’s 20 minutes away walking so I wouldn’t mind having a nice walk while I’m at it. I’m sure the answer is yes but is it ok for her to walk a while after a lyme and possibly puppy booster shot?? Sorry if it’s a silly question.
  7. Health & Nutrition
    Would you guys give your own vaccinations to your dogs for $7 or would you pay the vet bill?
  8. General Discussion
    I just got a new dog from a guy who bought a pitbull from his neighbor. I went to look at the neighbor's pit which is the momma but I didn't see the daddy. I'm pretty sure the dog is a pure bred. I'm still trying to catch up with the neighbor. The guy told me that the dog already had his first...
  9. Pictures
    hard to belive ive had her over 6 months already, shes 44lbs and catching up to nemo fast who's still at 51lbs where i think he'll stay now. we got about 14 inches, then another 2 or so overnight, its almost too deep for the dogs to play in :hammer: *before the big storm* you gonna share that...
  10. Pictures
    My Daughter snapped off most of these, she got some good ones I really need to trim the weeds down, huh?
  11. Pictures
    Thanks for looking, best shots of Lola I've ever caught, so proud of them hehe. :woof: And merry xmas to you all, hope u are having a great holidays.
  12. Health & Nutrition
    ok i have dixie and i dont know if she ever had her shots she might be around 2 yrs old is it safe to give her 7 in 1 shots all three rounds again not at the same time of course but just like you would a puppy i wish i knew if she ever had em b4
  13. Pictures
    :mad:B][SIZE="3"]Thought I would share some pics of Cochise with GoPitBull. [/[/IMG]SIZE][/B]jpg[/IMG][/IMG]
  14. Pictures
    These are at a local park. He has some amazing power as these vertical jumps will show! He does this front paw lift whenever he spots a critter. Not sure if that is a breed thing? This after going in the river. He gets very dark when wet + the sun was going down. And this is another...
  15. Pictures
  16. Pictures
    genna says: why you walk like that, belle??!/ up.... into the gymmmm thanks for looking :D
  17. Pictures
    Screw this!
  18. Health & Nutrition
    Do you guys give yours to your pups or take them to the vet??? And how early do you start them??
  19. Pictures
    Okay alot of these are fuzzy because we couldn't figure the camera out at first... I know I need to mow my grass... I never feel like taking pictures when the grass is really mowed lol. HAD TO... Cree Cree Potty break Pig's got the jumpin' down Cree Cree tries, but...
  20. Pictures
    Finally got some tug shots and his signature look of course... 7 months old and still weighing in at 40 lbs.