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  1. General Discussion
    I have a 10 week old pitbull puppy and for the past couple days she has been showing aggression. I don't know if its aggression or sassiness but it needs to stop. For example last night i was on my phone and of course there was sound so she comes lays down by me and relaxes for a minute or two...
  2. Pictures
    Not bad for a 4 1/2 month old pup and a long way from me having to hold his collar and him pawing at the ground or jumping wildly to try and break my grasp to get at his food. He had been sitting for about a minute already too as I got my phone ready and Dylan out of the shot. Camo showing...
  3. Pictures
    Think he is about 10 mon now , exotic little dog and full of life . He is deaf for about 90 % picks up high tones and thats it .very cool to see how he approach and adapt to things . Very smart one :)
  4. Pictures
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  5. pitbull behavior
    Hi I have a female pit bull puppy. She is 4 months. I've had her since she was 8 weeks. Ever since i got her she has been "teething", very mouthy dog. I tried to correct her but tip thi day she still bites. It's gotten worse. Every time I try to close her mouth and tell her no she gets even more...
  6. Health & Nutrition
    I noticed today that in diesels legs his veins are showing, you can see them more clearly in his back legs, is this normall?.. thanks.
  7. General Discussion
    So, after much debating, I've decided that I'm going to be taking a step back from the rescue organization I work with (for a few different reasons) until I can have my own ran to my own standards. Right now though, I'm at a place in my life where I'm ready to follow a dream I've had for a very...
  8. Pictures
    They both love jumping to grab their toy so I took some shots. My girl Alexa has amazing agility...drake well hes clumsy but oh well lol
  9. Pictures
    He turned 4 months on July 30th. Figured it's never too soon to start simple commands, so we've been working on sitting (he has the sitting down, it's the staying). He's easily distracted, as most puppies are, but he's a handful compared to my parent's rat terrier. Got to spend some good time...
  10. Pictures
    My pride and Joy Alexa...she just becomes a better dog each day..its amazing really. this is what she does....crawls all the time dork Thanks for looking!
  11. Pictures
    Ok so Alexa is growing up nicely I believe...I always get the "your dog is too skinny" comments...I think she is in really good physical condition...what do you all think?...thinking about getting both my dogs into lure coursing or weight pulling...something to burn down more energy (not that my...
  12. Pictures
    Boomer and Jackie enjoying a ray of sun on the porch in between the rain showers today. No one tell, but i think Boomer may actually like Jackie :)
  13. Pictures
    ...my 9 year old daughter's photo editing ability... Chenoa, my daughter pictured here with Ices, did this editing! I'm so proud of her work, I wanted to share it with all of you.
  14. Pictures
    Here are some pics of Luna my 6 month old pup! Luna and I crashed after a long walk, she was about 3-4 months old at the time. Luna taking a break from walking around a small man made lake locally Safety first?? For a couple weeks she loved to sit in my son's car seat... well till she out...
  15. Obedience Training
    I have a 4yr old male pitbull and about a yr ago him and my male mutt(almost 2yrs old) got into a fight my male was prtecting me cause my mutt growled me for making him get off the couch and they got into more fights sense then but not all over him growling at me they would just walk past each...
  16. Pictures
    new here so I figured I would show my mutt. Here are a few pics. I am currently conditioning him.
1-16 of 41 Results