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  1. Conditioning
    Everything started almost 2 months ago when I started walking with Piccolo. At the beginning he was pulling a lot, now he still pulls but with a little correction he stops. Well about 3 weeks ago, he want to run, so I said... why not? lets run! Well since we started walking and running I have...
  2. Pictures
    Stacking practice in the yard last night with CH Shox And his bellycrawl shot Kangol hanging with his girlfriend, Ronnie aka dueceaddicted.... he lubs her Sent from Petguide.com Free App
  3. Ear crops
    My 11 week old pup just had his ears cropped 3 days ago. i have not noticed until now that his right side not necessarily his ear but below his ear is swollen. The strange part is that the ear he scratches is the opposite from the swollen one. Is this normal or has anyone had to experience this...
  4. General Discussion
    This is my baby boy Smoke and my daughter Charlie as you can tell I love my nanny dog Next is Smoke busted having fun with toliet paper and Princess pretending she wasnt involved Then my favorite showing Smokey bear being a true male :)...
  5. Health & Nutrition
    my 8 mo old apbt has been sitting on her hips since i got her i was told originally that it was a puppy thing but now i'm starting to wonder. she does it so much she is losing hair on her tail and the sides of her legs i think. I have a vet appointment today for it but i was wondering if anyone...
  6. Pictures
    Boomer and Jackie enjoying a ray of sun on the porch in between the rain showers today. No one tell, but i think Boomer may actually like Jackie :)
  7. Bloodline Discussion
    My dogs Bloodline! ok I have an american pit bull terrier with ticking. she looks like a dalmation but she isn't anyway i only have her mother's pedigree. Can anyone give me some info on these dogs i know some bloodlines Eli Colby bolio cotten bullet heres the mother pedigree attached and a...
  8. Pitbull Articles
    After attack, pitbull owner speaks out
  9. General Discussion
    Hey everyone, my name is Alfredo, I'm ready to crop my pup Chiko's ears, my vet requiers some pics of how I want them done, could y'all post a side view and front view of ur pits with cropped ears, tryin to look for a good style for Chiko. This would really be appreciated.
  10. General Discussion
    So Mel has a bump on his side and he discovered his back left paw can reach it if he squirms into a weird shape and then he scratches. I am going to another vet to get a second opinion the end of this week to see if it should be removed. (the results are normal but they want to remove it still...
  11. General Discussion
    FU:2012 Back Yard Breeding Bill Description. With the growing number of malls that sell dogs in pet stores across the US, something needs to be done about the welfare of the parents of these puppies for sale. All to often the domesticated dog is treated like livestock by certain religious...
  12. Pictures
    Haven't really been online much lately, as I've started my new job, and we're in the process of moving. We found TWO pet friendly rentals nearby within a week of each other, and have been accepted to the one we really wanted for now.. it has a 6' privacy fence in the backyard, and though it's a...
1-12 of 28 Results