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    Warning most of these are pretty old. Like a yr or 2 old. I don't really take pictures often. Will attempt to get some new ones up but I dont promise anything.:D Bridgette the mutt. Lol yes she was on the portly side but she is much better looking now
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    Ruby is now 6mos and freshly gutted. So now there is no chance for any saphires. She weighs jist over and i recently increased her feed. Ruby had way too much spine showing. With the increase she has gained good lean weight She is a loonatic
  3. Pictures
    Took these pictures of Kangol and Mr. Mittens. I thought they were pretty sweet. The videos are of Kangol sleeping... and sleeping... that dog sleeps through anything, even rambunctious 2-year old boys climbing on him. I wish I had those sleeping skills. "You lookin at me?" This is Mr...
1-3 of 4 Results