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  1. Pictures
    I can't beleive Earl is three years old today!!!
  2. Authorized Breeders
    I am downsizing my kennel and decided to find Banshee a co-own home if I can find the right person. She has gone to an ADBA show for the first time and won two 1st's, a 2nd, and a 3rd place. She is an intense little bulldog for sure! She would be good in a working/show home, she is 6 months...
  3. Schutzhund
    ok I guess a BH isn't really a title but Varro got his BH this Sunday. Siren earned her Utility Dog title APR 1 It is The protection and obedience phase to the IPO 1. I have been having problems finding time to track so we did the other two parts. She got an 80 in Obed and would have scored...
  4. Authorized Breeders
    Dam: CH K9 Performance Knls Siren UCDX UAG2 RO3 OAC OJC OCC GS-N RS-N SchH BH ACAL 3 WDST 1 SDC II CGC TDI also #2 ranked working APBT Sire: K9 PERFORMANCE KNLS VARRO RO1 ACAL 1,2, 3 SDC II CGC I have one male left on Co-own to working home preferably, He is a high drive pup with tons of...
  5. Pictures
    Dam: CH K9 Performance Knls Siren UCDX UAG2 RO3 OAC OJC OCC GS-N RS-N SchH BH ACAL 3 WDST 1 SDC II CGC TDI also #2 ranked working APBT Sire: K9 PERFORMANCE KNLS VARRO RO1 ACAL 1,2, 3 SDC II CGC ONLINE PEDIGREES :: [438722] :: K9 PERFORMANCE KNLS BANSHEE I'm a bit late posting these dogs up...
  6. Pictures
    CH K9 Performance KNLS Siren x Gr.Ch. Bibys Zorro POE crew turns 2 years old today! I can't beleive it's been 2 years. Holly and Lisa post up some photos! Here's a few, ok Several of Earl throughout the last 2 years.
  7. Pictures
    I love this picture, we took this on our way back from TX after Nationals
  8. Pictures
    YAY we did an ultrasound to confirm Siren's pregnancy and she has at least 5 pups!! I don't want a large litter and 5-6 would be perfect! Here is some video and pictures of the little babies. :woof: Some video where you can see the pup moving two pictures
  9. Pictures
    These were taken this Sunday at training. Siren is getting ready for the WPBTCA nationals and we are working on he Obedience then I send her for a bite. This is a new helper that we are breaking in so he gave Siren some bad bites. He also was worried she was going to bite him in the butt...
  10. Pictures
    After Schutzhund training we went to the irrigation ditch and let Siren swim. She loves the water and I have a hard time getting her out. Practicing her dock diving ;) She is really jumping in this one Barca's first time in the water and I did not even throw anything. He just saw Siren and...
  11. Pictures
    This is video of Siren at the NADAC show a few weeks ago and she is smoking! She is really coming along and is going to do great things in agility. She is now K9 PERFORMANCE KNLS SIREN UCD RO1 SCH BH TNC NAC NJC CGC Jumpers run and an easy 1st place win Novice Regular run, look how much...
  12. Pictures
    We had a blast at training today and I got some video Here is siren this is Barca and he is a BEAST! He has over the top drive and I am happy I have him back, he is doing great in schutzhund, Obedience, and Agility Here is Varro
  13. Schutzhund
    I hope to get Siren's Sch I this summer if I keep feeling ok that is the plan. Then in the fall I want to do her Sch II at our club trail and then next year look at traveling more. This is her first time back since she has had the puppies and the first few mins of the video she had left heel on...
  14. Pictures
    I will post up more I need to go take individual pictures now that they are dry and you can see color. Since I only have five puppies they are all sold at this time. I will not know who gets what till they grow up a bit and I can evaluate them for working purposes. I am very hands on when I...
  15. Pictures
    Siren looks thrilled to have her picture taken! lol She is due any day now, how many puppies do you think she will have? She looked bigger a few days ago and now they have dropped and she looks a bit smaller. I am guessing she will have 8 puppies and Leonard thinks 6. What do you think? Yeah I...
  16. General Discussion
    Her temp dropped to 98 and her milk is starting to come in! We had her due date at April 8th based on the first natural tie but we did AI's a week prior. she has weird heat cycles and we were not too sure when she would ovulate. I guess she took from the AI's and not the tie. YAY puppies!!!! I...
  17. Pictures
    Now she is starting to show! lol She is about 35 days pregnant but doing very well. She has an agility show in two weeks and I hope she is can get her fat butt over 22"! lol Before After
  18. Schutzhund
    YAY Siren did such a great job yesteday! I will post video as soon as I can :clap:
1-18 of 24 Results