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  1. Bloodline Discussion
    Just bought puppy snd i find out mom and dad are brother and sister.should i be concerned
  2. Bloodline Discussion
    What are your thoughts. Both lines are solid and do share some ancestry.
  3. pitbull behavior
    Hey guys, So my sister will be visiting me during the holidays and she will be coming with her two Boxers. My pits (Zic and Dollar) are good with people and other pets but my sister's Boxers are quite aggressive. They do socialize well with people they know but are not good with strangers. They...
  4. Pictures
    Every once in a while my friend who i got my dog from will come over and bring his Pit (my pup's sister) over to play and let them hangout. Let me tell you these girls are a handful!:D we started the day off letting them hangout in the back yard and play/Swim a bit. Then after we took them to...
  5. General Discussion
    My sister picked up this little guy from the local shelter in Western Ohio...apparently any "Pit looking dog" there gets euthanized if it's not rescued so she did a good thing for this boy. No history of where it came from or age...they estimate he is 16 weeks old in these pictures. and was 28...
  6. Pictures
    The man Tonka is near by. He is a good boy :roll:. His sister is up in Canada taking care of the neighbor kids. :)
  7. Pictures
    We were over at my sisters last night having dinner and saw this lil girl out in the middle of the street. She was following a guy on a bike and we asked if it was his dog, he said no it wasn't and he didn't know where she came from. We called her over to us and she was extremely sweet. She...
  8. Off Topic Pitbull Lounge
    Ok so I just got off a frantic phone call with my sister. She dog sits my APBT for me while I'm at work, she lives with my parents next door to me and they have a German Shepherd mix. Apparently, my sister went to the store and when she returned home noticed that the neighbor's Jack Russel...
  9. Pictures
    I know it's been a while, but as you can see we have been busy lol. Her name is Zoe......we are fond of names with the letter Z.
  10. General Discussion
    did any one notice the pit in the train video soul sister? @1:47 good looking pup to. i know im bored
  11. Pictures
    Lolll Poor boy doesn't even know mom is making fun of him .......
  12. Pictures
    I took Marley to my mom's yesterday and he visited with his sister Gretta so I snapped a few pics :D This is little Gretta Mmmmmmmmm is that chicken I smell? Thanks for looking
  13. Pictures
    Lex vs. his arch nemesis The Phone book - test one of leaving him out of the crate during an errand Milo & Ali watching the lizards Milo being a lazy bum My Sandypoos - going on 11 this year Me & my Boi Thanks for looking! :)
  14. Pictures
    sugar is about 11 yrs old now, helped with her birth lol was excited when i got her. and buster is about 15 or 16 months
1-15 of 29 Results