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  1. Pictures
    Well I had the time today to introduce Snoop to his sisters. Ok first just Bumble Bee..I think she is just so cute waiting to pull lol Snoop Dogg! Do we look related to you??? Lol Bumble Giving brother some kisses Can't catch me! Lil Moms leg look like it has no bone in this one lmao...
  2. Pictures
    Kasha's brother & sisters; Capone, Shorty & Issyss Here's a few pics of Kasha's litter mates, Capone, Shorty, and Issyss. They're all great dogs, I'm glad I get to visit them often. Shorty on the left, and Capone on the Right, beautiful pic Capone tryna pose by himself, and Shorty being a...
  3. Pictures
    [img=http://img260.imageshack.us/img260/3220/sniperfamilyni5.th.png] some of many
  4. Pictures
    Double Trouble Don't say that about us Mommy you know we are ALWAYS good girls JUst look at our sweet faces!!!! What...I didn't do anything!!!! Hey Touche' wanna make a break for it? I'm getting bored.
  5. General Discussion
    This is My Sisters Pitbull Who Was abused when he was little my sister saved him and he went form not trusting to loving everyone(unless he dont like them lol) [/URL] This is My baby Bella SHes SOOOOO Cute [/URL]
1-6 of 6 Results