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  1. General Discussion
    Till which age the head size of pitbull grows Sent from my Redmi 6A using Tapatalk
  2. General Discussion
    i have a 100 lb pit that has a 25 inch head i know its not the record but its pretty unreal i have people tell me theyve seen bigger but never have proof just like to hear input on the block heads yalls seen
  3. Pictures
    I have a 11 month old blue nose apbt. She seems a little small to me.. What do youguys think?
  4. Pictures
    I can't use Photobucket, for some reason when they upgraded, Macs can't see the photos anymore, so I went to Snapfish. I tried posting photos to my introduction thread and when I previewed the post, there was a warning about the photos being resized, and 'report this photo' tags. I can't find an...
  5. Health & Nutrition
    hi how are you i have a 1 and half year old american pitbull terrier that eats but dont gain size.. she eats 5 cups of dry and 1 can of wet a day..after she looks nice and full but at the end of the day it all goes to her front....she is very picky eater and is on cheap food....could this be a...
  6. Do-it-Yourself
    I have a 70lb dog should i get a 100 lb spring or 70? Looking for proper spring to dog ratio. Can tell me other weights of spring if they are better.
  7. General Discussion
    I have a 21 month Blue pit. His name is chewy. We have had him sense he was 9 month old. We feed him Blue Buffalo twice a day. Once in the morning and once at night. I take him on 4 mile walks every other day. Monday, Wed, Friday. Sat or Sun. I was wondering if there is any routine I can put him...
  8. Health & Nutrition
    I'm new to the forum and still figuring everything out. My names Conner and I have two blue pitbull puppies. Ryelohh was born on 12/24/2013 and Tyson was born on 12/28/2013. I got Tyson on valentines day and ryelohh a month later. Ryelohh was the runt and is growing alot slower than Tyson. I've...
  9. General Discussion
    I got my first puppy about 2 months ago. We got a bluenose pitbull and its my very first pet at all. My husband and I have 3 kids, and she's quite the lover. But, she's about 25 pounds and 4 months old. I am wondering if there is anyway to figure out how big she will be fully grown, and how can...
  10. Pictures
    She's 20' at the withers and 45 lbs at 4 years old, he's 20.5 at the withers and about 43-44 lbs at 4 months old. He's growing WAY to fast!
  11. General Discussion
    Hello I am in a dilemma I am trying to decide which size crate to get. I got my new puppy last Saturday and trying to decide which size crate I should get her. The crate comes with a divider but I don't want to buy crate that will be too small when she gets bigger. If you had to choose between...
  12. General Discussion
    well we have to go to work today in the puppy is going to be fire cells in my bathroom we are going to be getting a crate and I need to know what is a good size great she is currently will be 14 weeks old on monday and we have to get all of her shots this weekend so we can even try to take her...
  13. General Discussion
    My female pitbull is 10 months old, about 38 lbs, 23 in long and 18.5 in tall. Isnt that a little small? Do you think she will grow more?
  14. General Discussion
    Ok well heres my puppy hercules hes currently 9 weeks and 22lbs. I know thats pretty big and i was just wondering.his.average adult weight or a way to figure that out?
  15. Bloodline Discussion
    Okay, so I along with everyone else has been betting and guessimating as to how large my Pit puppy will get. As of right now, he's 16 weeks and weighs in at 32 pounds. He gained about 3 pounds in the past week. My father, who has had several Pits recognized that Thor was a "taller" Pit. So...
  16. General Discussion
    Hi there, as stated I have just adopted my first Pitbull. She is actually a Pitbull/Mastiff mix, but definitely looks like she has more Pit in her. She is 11 weeks old and currently weighs about 26-28 lbs. Any idea as to how big she'll be full grown? In case you're wondering, her poor...
1-17 of 83 Results