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  1. Pictures
    Like a lot of the country the snow storm Friday night left us with several inches of snow. This afternoon one of my Grandgirls, Linda went sledding on a small hill in my back yard. I gave her a push to start making a path for the sled but because the snow was deep she didn't get far. That's when...
  2. Weight Pulling
    So Nubs is now to the point where I feel he can start light pulling again. I really have wanted to get a Drag sled for a while now, but I need a good one that will not harm my carpet. In the past I just had him pulling dead weights on the ground. A lot harder to pull then using a drag sled...
  3. Pictures
    we had a fresh snow fall then the sun came out and was it ever nice :) loaded up the dog, harness and the sled... went out for a good 40 minutes. bunny got a good wrokout for her fat butt. and I got funny looks.... lol.
  4. Weight Pulling
    Here ya go- I thought this was easy and cheap How to make a weight pull drag sled
  5. Pictures
    Here's a video I shot today of Bullet pulling my bf's kids around at our neighbor's house. This went on for a couple of hours at least, both dog and kids were worn out! My bf is in the background too, plowing snow with our new Polaris Ranger RZR S 800, it's a sweeeeet machine! But this is...
  6. Weight Pulling
    it was taken 10/27/09 on jaime's phone, and Ive been meaning to get it from there, but could only get a link.. I don't have Quicktime Pro so I couldnt save this as a file to put on youtube.... Alltel My Pics - thanks for watching!
  7. Conditioning
    anyone know a good cheap place to buy a drag sled...or does anyone make them?
  8. General Discussion
    I was just wondering where I could get one of the sleds like Jess has...I've been looking all over for one..lol Does anyone know a link I could go to, to find one?
1-8 of 8 Results