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  1. General Discussion
    I have a 6 year old pit bull, she normally sleeps on the couch under a blanket or in her bed in my room. When I got up this morning she was curled up on the floor in front of the front door. She went out last night before bed like usual. This is just very odd for her. I've heard of dogs and...
  2. Pictures
    Sleeping in my friends legs :D
  3. Pictures
    So I looked down and caught kilos face like this..... Not sure what he was dreaming about but that is the biggest smile I've ever seen!!!! Lmao
  4. pitbull behavior
    I have a 13 week old pitbull pup (boy) that I have let sleep in my bed with my now twice.. My main question is, should I be concerned that he will see it as "we're on the same level etc?" The times I've let him (to my surprise) he hasn't crapped or pissed on my bed at all.. I usually keep him...
  5. Pictures
    So Maggie was watching tv with me when I had to go finish cooking supper and I came back to this lol. Any one else have a dog that sleeps like this?
  6. General Discussion
    So I rescued a 6 month old APBT 2 weeks ago tommorow, he is awesome and very well behaved... But sleeps a ton.. I realize he's young, but are these dogs known for their sleeping??? I'll be walking him and he'll just lay down, seems he can sleep anywhere at anytime... Loves to sleep on me, even...
  7. Pictures
    I want to see your favorite photos of your dogs in odd sleeping positions! (bored)
  8. General Discussion
    My name is reed an this is my first post. I recently rescued a 4 month old female that was malnourished and slightly neglected. We are working on potty training and she's doing great. She is very well socialized and seems great with dogs that are not too imposing. I live on the third floor so in...
  9. Pictures
    Last night my new little girl was just so sleepy - she was passed out and sleeping in the most silliest positions that I had to take a few pictures for you all. :sleep::sleep::sleep:
  10. Pictures
    Got her Tuesday last week. She made a couple accidents in her kennel. She's been getting better. Well I put her down at 10:30 last night, and she's still sound asleep. Her first time not waking up in the middle of the night. Hopefully her bladder is getting better. Along with it getting bigger...
  11. Pictures
    I needed one to enter a picture competition on another forum. But he always wakes up or moves or just makes a silly face. :mad::hammer: LOL. And let the parade of goofy faces begin. :roll: I swear that in all of these he was sleeping when I reached for the camera. Almost there ...
  12. Pictures
    Well,they don't have to be JUST puppies. But I wanna see some cuteness!
  13. Health & Nutrition
    Hey all, I'm doing some searching right now but I figure I'd ask. Sasha is 1 year one month, spayed. She was just sleeping with me and when she got up I see a wet spot on the bed. Is this OK? This is the first time she's done it...Should I worry?
  14. Pictures
    My boys being bed hogs I always have to get Bobo a squeaker toy of some kind when I go to Walmart even though it only lasts all of 5 minutes. This lasted less than 5 second. He had 5 rats up in the tree at 3AM. Hims is a baby hunter...
  15. General Discussion
    Hi All, Not really sure where to put this.. Mods please move if feel it belongs somewhere else. Anyway, Sasha has been sleeping kinda weird lately, she has shaken before and I have thought it was ok but now aside from shaking she will make this weird noise which sounds like bubbles... Hard to...
1-19 of 39 Results