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  1. pitbull behavior
    Tika is 17 weeks old today. She is like a child in their "terrible 3's". Lol She's getting better with training, but my question is this: has anyone experienced their Pitty getting "overly excited" or "overly energized", and literally going nuts for about 10 minutes before she just...
  2. Pictures
    Took this pic last night. Hes such a goober.
  3. Pictures
    Couple shots my daughter took today of Max chillin in the early spring sunshine :cool:
  4. Pictures
    5 a.m too early for him :D Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  5. Pictures
    Here are some pictures of Hope, Boomerang, and my nephew Jack taking naps!!:sleep: /IMG] Thanks for looking Angie
  6. Pictures
    This is how I woke up this morning. Does anyone else sleep with their dogs?
  7. Pictures
    as the title says, I got these pics of Orion and Krusher yesterday and the one of Phoenix this morning, noboday wants to go outside cause it is below freezing :p face smash - Phoenix - Krusher, omg I laughed so hard at this - Krusher & Orion started out like this and then they moved to...
  8. Pictures
    Miko has a little yeast infection in her ears, she was quite worn out after fighting us during ear drop time lol:
  9. Pictures
    Combat is secure enough in his manhood to sport a pink blankey. lol Getting some Monkey Lovin'
  10. General Discussion
    How long does your pup sleep? Normally, Lucy sleeps throughout the night and up at 6am. Today, it's almost 11 am and she has no motivation to get up. :sleep:
  11. Pictures
    Well my dogs tore up my couch, kicked me off and decided to take a nap. Nino is a perv!!! She had her panties on cuz it was "that time of the month". My sleeping princess. My poor couch!! Rudy has better aim then Nino. Should girls hump boys like that??
  12. Pictures
    Took a picture of my Pupp sleepin this morning before I left for work.. :sleep:
  13. General Discussion
    Sorry for the poor quality. I used my phone...
1-13 of 13 Results