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  1. Conditioning
    I have a 7 month old and im curious on how to get him slim and more in shape. what are some things yall do to get your dogs there? Is it to soon to start working on it? Rite now i just play fetch and flirt pole. A little bit of spring pole but hes not to into that yet. We also walk about a mile...
  2. General Discussion
    Some of you know whats been going on with Slim. She has been having hip problems and we were planning on having her PTS for several months, but I just couldn't do it with just having to put down Stack this year. She was very ill bred and has had a number of health issues in her 4 years of life...
  3. Pictures
    Just the right size :D She comes with treats! To Add heres some Slim
  4. General Discussion
    I was wondering what would be an easy cheap way to build muscle on my dog. I used to let her run around, but she had recently started her first heat so I keep her in now to be safe. I have tried to hook her up to objects, but she will not pull soon as she feels the tension and she is of, Falin...
  5. Pictures
    Snoop Dogg! Bee! Faith! Dumae! Slim! My toy :D Francis!
  6. Pictures
    Ok First Fish trying her very first Turkey Heart. Slim :) Bumble Bees brand new spring pole! Well Spring rope lol She runs off the side of the fence and jumps off to get it lol
  7. Pictures
    Ok first we got some Slim! Or as we call her now days not so Slim lol Some of you may remember the 1 1/2 week old kitten I was bottle feeding... Hes going on 6 weeks old now! OMG this cat is such a lover. Fish was playing with grass with him lol Fish stopped playing with him so he...
  8. General Discussion
    Name: Slim | more pictures Breed: Pit bull Sex: Female Approx. Age: 2-3 yrs Size/Weight: Med / 40 lbs Dogs: Med-Large Male Dogs Cats: No Kids: Yes House trained: learning Crate trained: learning Birds: ? Livestock: ? Tricks: Likes: Loves people Dislikes: t Activity Level...
  9. Pictures
    Some new pics of Slim. Just got her wart meds on lol thats the white all over her face. She has a wart problem right now lol.. Vet said they shouldn't take long to go away and I chose to use a wart remover rather than freezing. It takes longer but is painless unlike freezing or surgery...
  10. Pictures
    Here are some pics of Slim with our new baby Muntjack Deer. Muntjack are miniature deer. The pics where sub posted to be of the deer but Slim couldn't stay out of the way lol.. See her slowly make her way onto the bed lol. In this one a kitten attacked Slim and ran off lol... I love this...
  11. Pictures
    Here are some pics of slim running. I think she looks adorable lol.. Slim running with Sophia and Francis Also some pics of Mae and Slim together. Half Sisters. Mae is getting fat lol... Mae is almost 3 and Slim is 6 months.
  12. Pictures
    Most seen her when I posted her up in the general section. These are some cute new pics of her. :) She is very toned for such a young girl. I can't wait till she fills in.
1-13 of 14 Results