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  1. Pictures
    I am so madly in love with this dog!
  2. Pictures
    He's been a little photo hoe lately. But here are some pics after playing today. It was finally warm and sunny outside.
  3. General Discussion
    So about a month or so ago i got it in my head that i should be in good shape so been eating better, started walking 2 miles at work and lastly i started last week walking samson for 2 miles at night every night. (its good for me as well) so in reading people vent about public encounters...
  4. Pictures
    Chewee be looking serious for some reason....
  5. General Discussion
    So I took Helena out for a walk, and a little old lady pulled up behind us. She said "that dog is so beautiful, is she a pit bull" I smiled and said "thanks yes she is" And the lady went on to say "They get a really bad rap, I watch animal cops on animal planet and they say it is the owner not...
  6. Pictures
    Who can resist the smile of such a "pitty" girl. :) My attempt at stacking.... THANKS FOR LOOKING!!!!!!! :D
  7. Pictures
    Sky @ 8 months
  8. Pictures
    Hey guys, Well, as most of you know, I rescued a pure bred German Shepherd pup that I had planned on fostering and adopting out. Well, he stole my girls heart and definitely my heart in the short time we've had him. He's a pain in the butt, but so super smart. He's doing pretty well here. I'm...
  9. Pictures
    some pit bull's live happy you can tell in the smile!!
  10. Pictures
    Every one loves a good bully smile :) Post up your dog with a big old bully smile. Here's Dosia, Your turn, lets see those smiles :)
  11. Health & Nutrition
    My poachin buddys stoped by today, Heads, livers, hearts, hoofs, rib bones, stomachs (ewwww) but the dogs love it! I swear my dogs were smilin from ear to ear! anyone ever heard of the Eli smile? my dogs do that when there happy! Really they smile! Deer is some of best food on earth to feed a...
  12. General Discussion
    Now to piss you off :(
  13. General Discussion
    My Pit loves to smile at me when He is happy!! Which is pretty much always....My dog never gets full!!! He could eat a house!!! What should I do?? Any good suggestions!!:hammer::roll:
  14. Pictures
    I know there was a thread about this waay back when, but i've never been able to catch a grin of Indi on camera until last night. Sorry the photos aren't the greatest! Show me your dogs smiling! Starting to be bashful... Almost there... Here's one of Indis sideways grins!
1-18 of 23 Results