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    I took my dog to meet with a friend and his dog for the first time I will have more pics up later tonight. These were from my phone. Enjoy.
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    sooo here are a few pics of my male Smokey, its impossible to get any decent pics of him so this is all i could do for now. he is American Pitbull / Blue Heeler cattle dog mix. Everyone makes fun of him and says he is ugly, I say he is unique :clap: my fiances cousin had 5 of them and was going...
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    I took some picts. of smoke today. He needs a bath because he's been playing in the garden again but we're having a cook out saturday and he'll just do it all over again, so he'll get it sunday
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    The first pics I took of the sky The green trees to the side are my house. Well not the trees lol but where the trees are. The fire starts to come over the hills You see my fence? lol... See how close it came.
1-5 of 10 Results