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  1. Pictures
    My blue pit Smokey at 6 1/2 weeks
  2. Pictures
    20 week old pup, smokey has a block head and a shield of valor!
  3. Pictures
    Hey, i decided to throw some pictures up from the day i got him to now, hes 75 pounds and 12.5 months at the moment... what do you think? any comments or recommendations are welcomed :) starting to feed him raw and want some exercising tips ... also about how much bigger will he grow to? thanks...
  4. Pictures
    Heyyy, i wanted to know what can everyone tell me about this dog. Any comment is welcome. He is 8 months now and weighs 66 -70 pounds. What bloodline can he be? Is he an apbt or amstaff? Also about how big will he get from 8 months and on? Sorry for not the best pics, i just chose a few random...
  5. Pictures
    2 months shy of 2 years old, and at 4 cups (Innova) a day.
  6. Health & Nutrition
    we have been calling onyx ol smokey today. but seriously though is this bad for him not sure how much he took. at my moms a bottle of liquid smoke was left out and fekk on the floor and i caught onyx tongue dipping in the puddle he couldnt have taken too much looked more like he was testing it...
  7. Pictures
    Took them to the park on Sunday, and had my camera handy. And here's his brother 'Menace', and boy does he fit his name, hahahaha.
  8. Pictures
    Smokey getting a preview of his Bday feast. I gave him about 8 pork ribs the next day (Had to let them thaw out, LOL)
  9. Pictures
    Took him today, he did good, however he does get a bit tense when meeting dogs, but doesn't get aggressive. There was a rednose female there, that snapped at him, and her owner didn't want to take a chance. It was funny because he apologized to me for her actions. I told him, "It's cool" with a...
  10. Pictures
    after a nice cold bath
  11. Pictures
    Here he is 7 1/2 months now, and based on my bathroom scale he is 60.4 lbs.
  12. Pictures
    Here is Smokey at 9 weeks :angeldevi : What should I do today? Wreck my aunt's room!!!!!! (my sis) ok thats enough of that.... After a hard day of wrecking.... His dad... His mom...
  13. General Discussion
    :cry: Today my poor boy got bit by a F***** adult big hairball dog,I was at the point of killin my uncles dog..... Me and my bro took smokey and princess (female pit) to my uncles for a walk...and when he took out his hairball she jumped at Princess but she wasnt gonna accept it and whooped...
  14. Pictures
    He is 7 weeks old tell me what you think. thanks :) He is single ;)
  15. Pictures
    Just got his collar in the mail today, I've been waiting since last week! :roll: I apologize for the blurry ones :D
  16. Pictures
    Here are some more pics of Smokey, he's 19 weeks old, and 37 lbs. Any one have any taping ideas for his left ear? Any tips/advice are greatly appreciated:
1-19 of 25 Results